.Location: NUS Science Canteen

Bittergourd Soup @ NUS Science Canteen

Every now and then, after all the rick and expensive food, it’s time for some cheap, lower calorie food. haha.. When colleagues and I go to the NUS Science Canteen, the steam soup stall seems to be healthiest amongst all the stall. So it’s bittergourd […]

Uncle Penyet @ NUS Science Canteen

We had the Ayam Penyet from this stall last week. Since it’s still fresh in our minds, we were thinking about having it again. The queue seems to be moving faster now. There is still a queue, but it clears very fast. This time we […]

Benkei Japanese @ NUS Science Canteen

It’s another quick lunch at NUS. A colleague who had tried it previously said the Swordfish set at the Japanese stall beside Spinelli’s quite value for money. I saw the queue was short and my legs controlled by the brain who was manipulated by the […]

Uncle Penyet @ NUS Science Canteen

Colleagues and I visited the Science canteen at NUS and noticed this very long queue at the Claypot Stall. We thought it was the Claypot stall, but when we got nearer, we saw it’s not the Claypot Stall anymore! It is now called Uncle Penyet! […]

Noodles Stall @ Science Canteen

It has been a really busy busy month. Our lunch time has been really boring. We have been eating the same old thing. Noodles or mix rice. If you noticed, the nicer places I posts are mostly dinner and eaten during the weekend or when […]