Cafe on the Ridge @ NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

We are here again! Colleagues and I did not want to join the mad queues at the NUS Canteens. We wanted somewhere where there is air conditioning as well.

So, we went to Cafe on the Ridge. Yes, someone ordered the usual stuff we have here. You know what it is right?

But I thought I will have something different. I had the Mee Rebus Ayam Penyet.
I ordered it because I saw the word Ayam Penyet. 🙂
“Boleh Tahan Lah”. 

Mee Rebus with Ayam Penyet

Old Cat had the ‘red ink noodles’ aka Indian Mee Goreng.
We wonder why do they have to add the ‘colouring’? Without it, it would taste totally different right?

Indian Mee Goreng

Just realise they are both yellow noodle dishes.
I usually don’t eat yellow noodles! Do you like yellow noodles?

Cafe on the Ridge
NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House
9 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241

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