Ikea Restaurant @ Alexandra

This was dinner at Ikea Restaurant @ Alexandra.

If you are a Ikea Friends Card member, you would most probably have this postcard from them giving you specially discounted “Swedish Meatballs”  or “Poached Salmon” dishes. Yes, that’s the reason why we are at Ikea.

What a coincidence too. We saw uncle and family there too. They bought us a try of the Ikea Sashimi Yusheng. It’s probably the cheapest yusheng you can get in Singapore. It’s only $5! 😉

It’s not very big, overall not very tasty. But the thing that made you want to pay $5 is the salmon sashimi. The salmon’s not salmon belly, but OK lah!

One reason it was not as tasty was because there’s no ‘oil’ to pour over it. Also not enough veggies. 😉

Ikea Salmon Yu Sheng

After tossing it, this is the little bit that’s left.

Ikea Salmon Yu Sheng

The reason we were here was the Swedish Meatballs. With the postcard ‘coupon’, the plate of meatballs only $4 instead of the usual $6.50.

Swedish Meat Balls..

Another friend had the Poached Salmon. (no photos though…)

Oh yes, the chicken wings. With the yusheng container, we did not have enough space on the small tables, so the chicken wings were all ‘distributed’ to the individual plates.

Hmmm. Has the taste of the chicken wings changed? Everyone said it tasted the same, but I thought it was a bit different. Hmmm…

The usual chicken wings

It was a ‘cheap’ dinner at Ikea. We never had $4 meatballs before! LOL..

Ikea Restaurant @ Alexandra
317 Alexandra Road,
Singapore 159965

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