Tea Time @ Ikea Alexandra

Sis and I were at Ikea to grab some stuff for our home. So while we were there, we got our ‘free’ drinks. Sis saw the Ikea Friend’s meal was the meat balls and decided to get them. ($5)

Notice anything different? There’s no potatoes! It’s chips (thick fries) this time. They most probably ran out of potatoes!

Ikea Meatballs

Sis got this cake that she likes too. The Ikea Daim Cake. $3.50
Anyone out there a fan of this delicious cake?

Daim Cake

Ikea Restaurant @ Alexandra
317 Alexandra Road,
Singapore 159965

5 thoughts on “Tea Time @ Ikea Alexandra”

  • my friend loves this cake, she requested for her mom to drive her to ikea for a slice of it right after OBS. lol…it's quite nice but a bit too sweet and sticky for my liking.

  • Stargirl,
    Too sweet? Eat it with something like tea without sugar. It will be just nice 😉

    Yes, try it. Maybe the next time we meet for dinner or something, should go and buy it and let everyone eat!

    They should have one with dark chocolate eh? ahh….. yummy!

    I wonder does every Ikea in the world have exactly the same cakes? Hmmm…

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