.Cuisine: Malay

Javanese Malay Food @ Clementi West St 2

A colleague said let’s go to Clementi to eat some Malay Food yesterday. We were wondering where he would drive us. Oh… it was to Clementi West St 2. He said the Javanese Malay stall that we used to go to (at Blk 727, same […]

Mee Soto & Mee Rebus @ Adam Road Food Centre

This stall was recommended by one colleague. It’s at Adam Road Food Centre and heard that it’s popular. This was the Mee Rebus that I tried a few days ago.To me it’s so so only. Another colleagues said Mee Rebus should be eaten at Ayer […]

Nasi Singapura – House of Lontong @ Adam Rd Food Centre

Do you suddenly feel like having food from certain stalls that you seem to have forgotten they exist? Colleagues and I did. We suddenly remembered that we have not been to Adam Road Food Centre for a very long time. It seems ‘automatic’ that our […]

Nasi Padang River Valley @ Zion Road

Earlier today, colleagues and I, we were thinking about what to have for lunch. It’s only 4 person today, so it’s just a nice number to hop into a cab and go somewhere further. We had a few choices, but ended up at Zion Road. […]

Malay Food @ NUS Staff Canteen

Today we went to the hospital. No, not to visit someone staying there, but to eat. Maybe it is in Singapore that hospital food taste good. (the ones not for patients obviously…) haha… We had a colleague who had not join us for a while […]