.Location: NUH

Stall No 1 @ NUH Staff Canteen

This was our lunch few days ago. Colleagues and I went to the NUH Staff Canteen to eat. Colleagues heard that the pale looking noodles from Stall No 1 (ok we can’t remember the name haha) seems to be quite popular. So they wanted to […]

Chicken Feet @ Kopitiam NUH

2 days ago (Thursday), we visited a colleague who has just given birth at NUH. After the visit, we though that we would visit the NUH Kopitam at Kent Ridge wing. Ooo.. the chicken feet that had stopped selling sometime ago is back! (It might […]

Mr Bean Ice Cream @ NUH

A few colleagues had the urge for chicken feet for lunch today. A nearby, cheap and decent chicken feet would be the Kopitiam at NUH Kent Ridge Wing. But alas, the ‘auntie’ that we used to buy from said, they are not selling it anymore! […]

Nasi Padang @ NUH Staff Canteen

For lunch today, colleagues and I ate at the NUH Staff Canteen, we heard that the Malay Stall has changed operators. So with great kepo-sity, we went there to try it out. The previous stall operators were generous but their portions, but their food tends […]

Meat Dumlings @ Staff Canteen, NUH

This is one of my colleague’s favourite. He seems to always order it when we are at eating at the NUH Staff Canteen. Do you like this version or you prefer the pan fried crispy version?