Mee Soto & Mee Rebus @ Adam Road Food Centre

This stall was recommended by one colleague. It’s at Adam Road Food Centre and heard that it’s popular.

This was the Mee Rebus that I tried a few days ago.
To me it’s so so only. Another colleagues said Mee Rebus should be eaten at Ayer Rajah Market. Was told in the morning, it’s the pak cik that sells it. His portion is larger and he gives extra stuff.

In the afternoon, it’s the makcik, and this was what I get. ;-p
I had to eat something else after.

This is their Mee Soto. (I had Bee Hoon, so it should be Bee Hoon Soto) This photo is one month old though. I think their soto’s better. The begedil is quite yummy.

If you visit their stall, you can see a huge pot of gravy for the soto. (It’s really huge pot that you gotta see it. haha)

Amirah & Nur Aniqah Mee Soto & Mee Rebus
Stall No. 9
Adam Road Food Centre
2 Adam Road
Singapore 289876

5 thoughts on “Mee Soto & Mee Rebus @ Adam Road Food Centre”

  • Mee Soto and mee rebus shd be eaten in the evening (provided they dun run out by then) for their gravy is the type that taste better over time, when the flavours will become more hearty.This stall is more famed for their soto. They have this bowl of chili which u can scoop yourself? And yes, the bergedil IS yummy here.

  • HFB,Ooo, so high rating from Makansutra. Their big pot of soup, I wonder how long they boil it! Do they finish all the soup I wonder… CT,Looks like we got lots of begedil fans around eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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