Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits @ Singapore Flyer

Momo and I walked to Singapore Flyer to see what we can eat there. Walking around we saw that this is the most popular place. So we decided to give it a try.

We did not know how to order, but we thought 4 pieces of chicken would be just nice. We were in for a surprise! We had 2 pieces of spicy and 2 pieces of non spicy.

The chicken tastes different from the usual KFC. If you have tried Marrybrown in Malaysia, it’s something like that. We loved it. It is really juicy and crispy.

We realise that it also comes with cajun frieds and two biscuits.

What are biscuits? They are these cup cakes that taste salty on the outside and the inside it is soft like cakes. Unique tasting. It comes with jam, so you spread sweet jam over salty dough.

This is the mashed potato. We kinda like it because it reminds us of ‘bak chor’. The potato sauce had tiny minced meat in it and very yummily garlicy!

The coleslaw also tasted nice. You know the KFC coleslaw has this smell. This one does not, it is more vinegarish.

Wonder how much it cost? Here’s the receipt.

We realise the next day after we ate this, the Sunday Times had an article about food places to eat at the Singapore Flyer.

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits
Singapore Flyer

8 thoughts on “Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits @ Singapore Flyer”

  • *drools*Why can’t we have this here? I’m with you on the KFC coleslaw… I never touch the stuff… just tastes weird and artificial somehow. Next round I’m in S’pore, I’m definitely trying this, if only for the salty biscuits! 😀

  • waa.. i didnt know theres popeyes chicken at singapore flyer… i and my galfren has been a fan of their yummy chicken since they open up their first franchise at Changi airport Terminal 1 @ lvl 3 and now theres another at Terminal 3 @ basement… tanxs for the great tip off…

  • clickorigin,yeah! they were! Yummy!kenny,soon they will be available in Msia I think. Someone will bring it in. But there are chicken places like Nandos that’s not in Sg yet.2 days ago, (yes, still touring Oz), we bought a tub of coleslaw from the supermarket here, the coleslaw tastes nicer than KFC’s. LOL. We are mad right? We even topped snacks like Arnott’s Shapes with coleslaw, it was weird, but was nice. :-pDWD, FoodieGymmie,It was my first time trying salty biscuits, it’s quite interesting I would say. It’s also serve warm. Makes you crave for it right? Ah… fast foods. LOLDharma & Yana,we just happen to chance upon it! It was a discovery to us too. The place’s very packed!

  • I think Popeye’s is still one of the best-kept open secrets in Fried Chicken in Singapore. Your blog post covers it all but one thing it doesn’t mention is that the drinks have much less ice than other fast food joints. More bang for your buck!

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