.Area: Dempsey / Tanglin

Chili’s Singapore – Tanglin Mall

I was at Shangri-La for an event the other day and just as I was walking to Orchard Road, I got a text from sis asking if I wanted to meet up for dinner. I called her back and we decided to meet at Tanglin […]

Jumbo @ Dempsey

We came to Jumbo for dinner because our aunt who is a Jumbo Rewards card member was tempted by their Bamboo Clams offer. I think it was some half price offer. Sounds good eh? The Jumbo that’s not far away in the east would be […]

Jumbo Seafood @ Dempsey Hill

This was dinner at Jumbo Seafood. One of the many Chinese New Year meals.Everyone in the family must have put on lots of weight! This is Jumbo’s version of Yusheng. The fun part of Yusheng must be the tossing! Come to think of it, if […]

Oosh @ Dempsey

Momo and I joined Camemberu and HungryCow for an invited dinner at Oosh, Dempsey. You most probably have seen this super pink that screams out to you when you enter into Dempsey on the right. (This photo of the sign was taken way back in […]

Cafe Hacienda @ Dempsey

After the meal in yesterday’s post, we thought we would walk around a bit to digest some food before we have drinks. So we ‘tried’ to walk, but it was just too hot! Barely 10 steps in the heat, we walked into Jones the Grocer. […]