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Momo and I joined Camemberu and HungryCow for an invited dinner at Oosh, Dempsey. You most probably have seen this super pink that screams out to you when you enter into Dempsey on the right.

(This photo of the sign was taken way back in early in October. Hmm, did I foretell I would be here in a few weeks?)

oosh @ dempsey

Behind this Oosh sign is the largest al-fresco restaurant and bar at the Dempsey area. The people behind Oosh have transformed the area by filling it lush greenery and even created a waterfall feature. Did you know that this place is also mentioned in the New York Times? (read the NYT article here)

What surprise me even more is that there’s a chef here who has undergone training by 2 Michelin Starred Chefs. Head Chef Zulkarnaini Dahlan trained under Eric Guilbert from La Tour d’ Argent and Gilles Marx from Taillevent, Paris.

So what did we feast on here? We started with a selection of rolls.

Bread Rolls

We had it with their homemade butter. It’s a mix of herbs and garlic. You can tell if it’s good from the photo.

Garlic Butter

What I like about this food tasting by Oosh is that everything’s from the menu itself and not some specially prepared dishes that you as a reader won’t get to eat if you go there.

You can order it ala carte or from the specially designed set menus. They also have set lunches available. Check their sets here.

This is the mushroom soup.

Mushroom Soup

If you are prefer something with no cream, you can try their Vegetable Consome. It has a very “mum’s soup” taste to it.

Vegetable Consomme

This is the Portobello Salad. Grilled Portobello with Arugula (Rockets) and balsamic dressing. The lettucy spicy tasting arugula goes well with porto!

Portobello Salad

This is the Foie Gras Ballotine. Everyone on the table likes it except me. (I think it’s my tongue, I can never appreciate Foie Gras and it has something to do with Qantas Flight QF10 16 years ago! haha)

The Foie Gras Ballotine

This is Seared Frog Legs. Ooo… You got to try this! Awesome! Well marinated and cook just perfectly. Maybe after trying it, you might start to like it. We heard that the big big boss here eats it almost daily!

Seared Frog Legs

For the mains, we shared the following:

Lamb Navarin. (or Lamb Stew if you prefer to call it in simple English).You know this chef experiments with molecular gastronomy because he cooked this dish for 36 hours at 61 degrees Celsius.  I like the lamb, it has totally soaked up the flavours of the marinates in the super long cooking process. I guess another reason I like it is because of the tomato base, which I love!

Lamb Navarin

This is Tenderloin Rossini. Grilled Tenderloin topped with Seared Foie Gras served with Celery Puree and Bordelaise sauce with Sliced Truffle. Does your jaw dropped with that description?

Maybe Foie Gras seared and eaten with grilled meat is delicious is the way that will make me like Foie Gras. haha. I definitely like the tenderloin. I happen to like celery so the celery puree is something I enjoyed! (I know many of you dislike celery. hehe)

Tenderloin Rossini

Next is Grilled Salmon. Grilled Norwegian Salmon with Pommes Sarlandaise, Apple Compote and Dill Cream Sauce.

Salmon was nice. I think I like the Apple Compote. (The apple sliced thinly, stacked together where the Salmon is ‘resting’)

Grilled Salmon

Pacific Dory. Pan-Fried Herbs and Chilli marinated Pacific Dory with Sautèed Vegetables and Tomato Butter Sauce. How unique to see dory rolled up!

Pacific Dory

Next thing we shared was Tagliatelle with Fresh Tiger Prawns rapidly sautèed with Garlic, Chillies and Anchovies topped with Parmigiano. Sorry, I can’t remember the taste now. (you most probably know I have selective memory and I seem to remember taste of meat better!)


Duck Confit. I think it was really lovely. It’s tender and cooked till you can gently removed it from the bones. One more reason I like it because of the caramelized onions! I just love the taste and smell of caramelized onions!

The Duck Confit

Now for desserts.

Chocolate Gateau. I taste a bit of nutella inside! Chocolate and Ice Cream, who can refuse it?

Chocolate Gateaux

This is one of their signature dessert. Lemongrass Panna Cotta.
Their official description: A dessert with an Asian twist; Lemongrass scented Panna Cotta with drizzles of fresh Rock Melon Puree and Raspberry Coulis served with Japanese Black Sesame Ice Cream.
My description: It’s something you should try. Black Sesame Ice Cream is always delicious. The tofu textured Panna Cotta taste so ‘lemongrassyly’ unique!

Lemongrass Panna Cotta

Another of the signature dessert: Coffee Melt.
The little glass contains Kahlua Crème Anglaise. You have a scoop of cold delicious vanilla ice cream. There’s a warm coffee cake that flows out a ‘kopi si bei gao’. Eat all the 3 together and ………. (fill in the blanks yourself hehe…)

Coffee Melt

Strawberry Souffle. Light, fluffy, pink and sweet. The ladies like it, but not me. It’s a ladies dessert!

Strawberry Souffle

Oh, there was the cheese platter too. We had Brilliant Savarin. The cheese person you can see are HungryCow and Camemberu. I was totally overwhelmed when I had a bite of it. Thanks but really no thanks, I am fine without it. I am unable to appreciate it. But Camemberu love it so much she is considering changing the name of her blog! LOL..

It was a very enjoyable dinner at Oosh. The ambience is nice too. Of course, it was always nice to have dinner with Momo, Camemberu and HungryCow.

A big thanks to Sharon and Indri from Oosh for graciously hosting us. You were such wonderful hosts.

Oosh Restaurant @ Dempsey
22 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249679

Tel: 6475 0002
Hours: 12:00 pm till late.

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