.Area: Dempsey / Tanglin

The Prime Society @ Dempsey

It was our Uncle’s birthday and also our Uncle and Aunt’s wedding anniversary. Momo said to me, let it be her treat this time. So Momo was tasked to do the planning. We asked Uncle his choice of cuisine, he said ‘Western’ (as usual). LOL. […]

Jumbo Seafood @ Dempsey

We got a call on Tuesday to have dinner at Jumbo. Sis is leaving Singapore for a month and our dearest aunt wants to give sis a ‘smooth travel’ treat. Will sis miss her favourite crabs? LOL… There was 8 of us with some other […]

Ben & Jerry’s @ Dempsey

We had a short quick stop for Ice Cream after dinner tonight. Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Therapy and Coconut 7 Layer with Chocolate Sauce and a waffle bowl. Need I say anything else? hehe.. Do you know today is National M&M’s Day? I saw a […]

Samy’s Curry Restaurant @ Dempsey

Here’s another ‘farewell’ dinner for our brother. We met up with more cousins and relatives to eat, chat and say good bye. Hmm I just realised that in UK, there’s lots and lots of Indian food, and it might be better too! LOL… Anyway, we […]

Dôme @ Dempsey Hill

Last week, a few of our friends (which included our ‘gorilla’ friend) met for dinner. After dinner we adjourned to Dempsey Hill because ‘gorilla’ wanted to have Ben & Jerry ice cream there. When we walked into B&J, we could not find a sitting place […]