Cafe Hacienda @ Dempsey

After the meal in yesterday’s post, we thought we would walk around a bit to digest some food before we have drinks. So we ‘tried’ to walk, but it was just too hot! Barely 10 steps in the heat, we walked into Jones the Grocer. Nice place… Communal Tables, so just like the cafes in Sydney. (eg Bill’s).

We thought we could have tea and coffee here. But it was just too packed and so noisy! We looked at some of their stuff, but we were not in the mood to buy anything after a heavy meal. We went over to Dome. Full house. Walked over to B&J, and it was packed too. Arrghh.

Should we go back to TPS to have tea? We thought hard. Suddenly, we turned around and behind us was a big sign board of all the shops and restaurants around. (Did the sign just appeared? haha) We saw Cafe Hacienda and decided we will go there, if it’s packed, we shall just go home!

Walked down a block and we came to this place. It was nice and cool inside. There’s a lot of people here too, but there’s a table empty just for us. The crowd here is more quiet too! Immediately we like this place. I like the books they have there!

cafe hacienda @ Dempsey

I noticed something though after we placed our orders.
No matter how hot the weather is, ladies usually would still order a ‘hot drink’. Why?

Momo had Earl Grey Buddha. Oh just look at the lacey tea bag.

TWG Teabag in a pot

Little girl also had a hot drink. I think it was Honey and Lemon.

Hot Lemon and Honey

Aunt needs her caffeine. Her Cafe latte. Yes, also a hot drink.

Cafe Latte

The guys on the other hand, preferred cold drinks!

Chocolate Crunch. This is a really thick chocolate milkshake! It’s full of little chocolate balls inside! Plus a kitkat.

Chocolute Crunch

Uncle had the Iced Lemon Tea.

Ice lemon tea

Another thing we notice. Ladies like to have hot drinks, and with their hot drinks, they need to have something to eat.

Cheesecake… I had a tiny bite and it was not bad.


Tiramisu which is quite nice too. Little girl’s favourite, but Aunt did not want the little one to eat it, alcohol inside!


The little girl holding the Apple Crumble. This was nice and warm. Perfect to go with their hot drinks.

Apple Crumble

It’s a nice little cafe. There’s lots of reading materials here too. To finish reading those books, you might have to come daily for more than half a year!

Let’s poll the audience.
On a hot day, do you like hot or cold drinks?

Cafe Hacienda
13 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249674
Tel: 6476 2922

7 thoughts on “Cafe Hacienda @ Dempsey”

  • I prefer my drinks hot; for health reasons. The oil/fats that we consume during the meals won't be hardened by the cold drinks and clog our arteries or smth.

    But if it's hot and I'm sitting al-fresco or at the coffee shop, definitely cold drinks for me! If indoors and air-conditioned, a pot of (hot)tea will be nice…. =)

  • I noticed the places u eat out r always packed ! All the venues r doing a brisk trade then ? I did wonder, what with new places opening up. Competition must be fierce ?

    Under the blasting frigid air, we always need something hot. Out in the baking sun, we carry our own bottle of half frozen water – they r very refreshing than sticky sweet drinks 🙂

  • MCCasey,
    Thanks for dropping a comment after lurking for so long. LOL

    I like cold drinks too.

    I think so too! 🙂

    Ya, I hear that from my mum all the time. Especially to drink hot tea.

    If you go out in the weekends, most places are packed! I don't know why, but I think it's because no one has anywhere else to go. hehe…

  • Glad you liked the place!

    Do try our main course dishes the next time okay? And do let me know when you'd be going down… You may catch me there every now and then. Like now. 😉

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