Jumbo @ Dempsey

We came to Jumbo for dinner because our aunt who is a Jumbo Rewards card member was tempted by their Bamboo Clams offer. I think it was some half price offer. Sounds good eh? The Jumbo that’s not far away in the east would be the branch at Dempsey Hill.


Dinner started with the Crispy Baby Squid.  Baby squid always taste so good doesn’t it?
We all love the crunchiness when you bite it, and the sauce overs it makes it taste even more delicious. Lovely with freshly cooked fluffy fragrant rice.

(yes, it’s sinful and high in calories)

Crispy Baby Squid


If Crispy Baby Squid is too sinful, this next dish is for those who are determined not to fall into temptation.

This was their homemade seaweed tofu topped with enoki and shimeji mushrooms. I think there were shitake slices in it as well. I like the outer crispy layer that wraps the soft silken tofu inside.

Another dish that makes you eat lots of rice. Lovely gravy for the rice!

Tofu with Mushrooms


Aha! The reason we were here, to have the XL sized Bamboo Clams. Bamboo Clams always go well with loads of garlic! Each of us had one and we absolutely adore it.

Bamboo Clam with Minced Garlic


We also had black pepper sliced beef. The beef was so thinly sliced and grilled, they taste wonderful, so tender! The black pepper sauce came in a separate sauce bowl. It taste nice without the sauce!

But if you want some black pepper heat, dip the beef into it. I love the black pepper sauce.

Sliced Beef


The final main dish was the steamed cod fish. Don’t you love the flaky flesh of cod fish?
Put them in your mouth and it melts and disintegrates.

Cod Fish

As usual, we will share a few desserts here and then we are off to have more desserts at the ice cream shop opposite. (you know which ice cream chain right? hehe)

This place is usually crowded, so if you are coming, make a reservation.

Jumbo Seafood @ Dempsey
11 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249673

Tel: 6479 3435
Web: www.jumboseafood.com.sg

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