.Area: Bukit Timah / Upper Bukit Timah

Necessary Provisions @ Eng Kong Terrace (Upper Bukit Timah)

It was the morning that we finally did what we said we would do since we got married. Wake up early and view the sunrise regularly! Still can’t believe we actually woke up so early and went over the other side of the island so […]

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

If work has really gotten into you during the weekdays, you just want to spend your weekends resting, taking walks and perhaps a brunch to go along as well. If you are looking for a brunch where you can enjoy some natural breeze, try the […]

relish by wild rocket @ cluny court, bukit timah

It was one of the cold and rainy evenings. The wife and I decided to have something homey and yet not very homey style. Food like luncheon meat with porridge, but don’t want the porridge. Kong Bak Pau but don’t want the Pau kind of […]

MAD (Modern Asian Diner) @ The Grandstand

What a name! MAD which stands for Modern Asian Diner is a collaboration between TungLok Group, Bar Stories and Dick Lee. I am guessing the name must have been suggested by Dick Lee, the flamboyant Singapore performer, composer and playwright. This was an invited review […]

320 Below Nitro Cream Cafe @ Mackenzie Road

I was chatting with a friend over instant messenger the other day and she asked if making ice cream using liquid nitrogen is popular in Singapore. I thought for a while. I have only see them made at the Singapore Science Centre during the annual […]