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Autumn Vintage Champagne Sunday Brunch @ The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

People in Singapore work a bit too hard on weekdays. Most people work very hard on weekdays, become Saturday exercise warriors and then indulge in a Sunday Brunch. How many of you are like that? (Tourist coming to Singapore are also asking what is a […]

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

If work has really gotten into you during the weekdays, you just want to spend your weekends resting, taking walks and perhaps a brunch to go along as well. If you are looking for a brunch where you can enjoy some natural breeze, try the […]

Sunday Champagne Brunch, The Sentosa Singapore

This was a Sunday Brunch that I had a few months ago that finally made it to the blog. (it’s a late post because of the many many photos and I was trying to remember what I ate) I know many people seems to be […]

The Ritz-Carlton SuperBrunch

It’s “The Buffet” in Singapore that is held two times a year. If Gardens by the Bay is like bringing the plants all around the world into 2 Glass Domes and a few theme gardens on 250 acres of land, The Ritz-Carlton SuperBrunch is bringing […]

Brunch at Da Paolo BistroBar, Rochester Park

The wife loves weekend brunches. Some weeks we go for brunches together, on other weeks, she meets up with her other friends from secondary school, her Bible Study girls, etc. They leave their husbands and boyfriends at home so that they have their own personal […]