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Necessary Provisions @ Eng Kong Terrace (Upper Bukit Timah)

It was the morning that we finally did what we said we would do since we got married. Wake up early and view the sunrise regularly! Still can’t believe we actually woke up so early and went over the other side of the island so early in the morning! We did and took a lot of photos. I only posted one on the other blog here.

It’s also an extremely hungry affair when you get up early. Especially so after the sun rises and the beautiful rays shines on your skin. Only the rays of Vitamin D is not enough!

The wife needs some Vitamin C too. C for Caffeine. We drove to the Marina Bay Public Golf Course because there was an excellent view and someone told us there were nice food too. We were too early it seems, no food in the mornings! We had two cans of soft drink admired the city skyline and checked our Instagram accounts (@keropokman and @kopikosonggirl), FB etc and then decided to leave…..

We remembered Necessary Provisions which is not too far from our home. If you remember Henry’s Congressional, they are the same folks behind Necessary Provisions.

Necessary Provisions

If you are familiar with this area, this same shop lot was occupied by Al Ameen. It seems that Al Ameen has been closing down at least 2 of the outlets. Hmm….

Anyway, if you like old rugged places that has been very minimally done up to look chic and sleek, this is one of those places to check out. 

Necessary Provisions

When you enter, a big huge communal table is at the centre. A huge vase with flowers that regularly rearranged is the centre piece. Lilies always give out a nice scent, so it was pleasant as we walked in.

A sizeable collection of food and other magazines are placed on the table. So you can sit and read slowly. Reminds me of Bill’s Sydney, a similar concept but still different. A nice adaptation I would say.

Necessary Provisions

Since we were there early, all the cakes and savouries we wanted to try were not available yet. Still being made in the kitchen. You can see on the nice cool rock solid table near the window that it’s all empty.

Necessary Provisions

Please just ignore the derrière of the person on the left.
Look at that piece of furniture with a pot of orchid on it instead. Nice ya?

That’s where they keep the cutlery. It was the first few days when we visited, so they were still getting the hang of it. I am not sure if we are to self service.

Necessary Provisions

That’s the Coffee Machine. The Spirit model by Kees van der Westen. The designer that was designing motorbikes before he started designing coffee machines. Nice piece eh?

I am not a coffee person, but I always think that machines rules, if you get good coffee beans and a trained person to use the machine, you can get good coffee. A techie’s view? Don’t slam me! OK, you do need a real person who is artistic to do the coffee art. 😉

They have a monthly menu. With Sambal Fried Rice, Pasta, etc from 6 pm onwards, it’s does look delicious on someone’s Instagram that I follow.

Necessary Provisions

For that morning, we had French Toast ($5) which was 3 huge and thick slices.
Quite filling to eat all three for a lady, so I had some of the wife’s order.

Necessary Provisions

The wife’s Vitamin C. A Flat White (8 oz) – $5.

It’s her kind of a coffee. She says it’s balance mix of coffee and milk. She doesn’t like too milky that overwhelms the coffee, not too strong a coffee that overwhelms the milk. She says it’s the same coffee that she likes from Henry’s Congressional.

Necessary Provisions

I had a Banana Nutella Panini. $5.

Nicely toasted and a fair amount of nutella and bananas inside. Guys should have no problem finishing it. If you are super hungry, you might need another one. But it’s carbo, so better not eat too much.

Necessary Provisions

Oh, my hot chocolate $6 also have ‘chocolate art’.

A nice cosy place to hang around and grab a quick drink and bite. They have various craft beers here too. I think that’s what most folks will have when the sun sets.

An alternative place to go other than Carpenter and Cook (at Lorong Kilat) that has been closed the past week to move their kitchen downstairs. They should be reopening soon, spotted from our walks around this neighbourhood. The Udders at Lorong Kilat has recently been renovated too, to create more seating spaces too.

Necessary Provisions
21 Eng Kong Terrace
Singapore 598993

Tel: +65 9231 7920
Hours: Tue-Thu 10 am – 10 pm / Fri 10 am – 12 am / Sat 9 am – 12 am /Sun 9 am – 6 pm

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