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Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

If work has really gotten into you during the weekdays, you just want to spend your weekends resting, taking walks and perhaps a brunch to go along as well. If you are looking for a brunch where you can enjoy some natural breeze, try the weekend brunch at Halia located at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

If you don’t already know, Halia means ‘ginger’ in Malay. Make a guess where Halia is located at the Botanic Gardens? At the Ginger Garden of course. Take a walk before or after having your brunch would certain aid in digestion.

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

For some folks who believe in always having hot drinks even in hot Singapore weather, order the Hot Ginger Tea. It comes with a ‘shot’ of honey too if you prefer to sweeten it a little.

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

For those like me who always prefer iced drinks. This iced ginger tea is my preferred drink on warm afternoons in Singapore. It’s cold, yet it has the kick of the spicy ginger and sweetness of the added honey. Refreshing indeed!

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

If you choose to sit at the non air con section of the restaurant, you are right next to nature. This was just right beside me at the table I was sitting where I was dining at Halia recently.

For those who can’t live without air-conditioning, there’s always the air-condition part of the restaurant.

My brunch at Halia, was a hosted lunch by the PR firm FoodNews, who is engaged by Halia.
The following items are the ‘recommended items’ for you to try when you decide to pay them a visit.

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Oysters with Bloody Mary. ($6 each)

If you are into oysters and you like the South Australian ones, they serve Coffin Bays oysters here with a shot of ‘bloody mary’.  They are available at $6 each.

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Many people eat it differently. Some like the taste of raw fresh oyster in their mouth, so they just pop the oyster in their mouth to savour the salty oyster taste first then down it with a shot of their chef’s version of Bloody Mary.

Chef’s recommended way of eating we were told is to drop the oyster into the shot glass and drink it all down together! Which is your favourite way of eating oysters?

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Cocktail of king prawns, spicy tomato sauce, avocado, wasabi and coriander ($22)

If you like prawns and the you also like avocado, this is a nice combination, a delicious creation by the chef here. The succulent prawns are also from South Australia, Spencer Gulf King Prawns if my memory does not fail me.

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

I really like this prawn cocktail. Here’s an ‘underview’ for you to admire. Avocado all at the bottom and the little mix of wasabi and their own mix of spicy tomato sauce does makes it quite appetising. It’s light, and refreshing. There’s 7 prawns in there if you are curious. The perfect number of prawns!

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Wood smoked salmon toastie, capers, crème cheese & dill, sunny side up fried egg ($24)

If your idea of brunch must include toast and eggs, this wood smoked salmon toastie is created for those who love smoked salmon. If you are interested to know like us where the salmon comes from and how it’s smoked, it’s oak wood smoked salmon from Scotland.

Smoked Salmon with creme cheese and dill combination by itself is already very tasty even without the fried egg. The photo I am showing has a portion of it eaten so that you can admire how it looks inside. I love the frisee that was around the toastie. I like it with the soft egg yolk!

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Cinnamon French toast, fresh seasonal berries, white chocolate and Iranian pistachio ($18)

Doesn’t that just look so gorgeous. Berries are good for you, they are rich in anti-oxidants. I guess if you don’t like the slight tartness of berries, the chef has drizzled melted white chocolate all over it! Sounds good? More delicious than having condensed milk over toast right?

If you see how nice the colours of the pistachio are, it’s Iranian pistachios and they cost 4 times more than the usual pistachios we normally buy. The difference, there’s no floury taste that lingers like in normal pistachios. 

Oh yes, the toast is egg custard brioche if you are wondering.

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Poached eggs on brioche, dill hollandaise, Swiss brown mushroom, spinach and tomato. ($22), (add $4 for shave honey baked ham)
I know many ladies will just order this just because the word poached egg is there. Nicely poached eggs that guarantees a flowing egg yolk for you to instagram!

I took a photo of it top down and realise it’s not so appropriate to be posted. Yes, the poached eggs comes in a pair.

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Halia chilli crab spaghettini Singapore-style spicy, sweet and tangy crabmeat sauce tossed in pasta ($24)

This is the signature dish that’s available at both Halia at SBG and also at Raffles Hotel. I would say this is not really chilli crab kind of chilli crab. It’s their version of it. It’s quite tasty, a version that goes well with spaghettini.

Don’t expect chunks of Sri Lankan mud crabs. This is a refine version that has been made for easy eating with fork twirling around your pasta. 😉

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Mayura Station full blood Wagyu rump, bacon, sunny side-up hen’s egg, vine cherry tomato and barbecue sauce. ($48)

Meat eaters out there, if you like beef at 11 am, order this. The chef has made special arrangements and brings in Mayura Station full blood Wagyu into his restaurants. I seem to notice they are having all things South Australia here!

If you are there for brunch, they have weekly brunch specials and the above was the special on the week I was there. (ie, not on the regular brunch a la carte menu) If you are on a non-carbo diet, this is made for you!

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

It looks so delicious and beautiful, I have to show you how it looks the other side as well. If you are wondering how heavy is this wagyu beef that costs $48,  the week I had it, it was a 150 gm piece of wagyu rump.

Oh how I adore vine riped tomatoes and the bacon too!
A bite into this beef, and it was very good. Just serve me the wagyu and tomatoes, I will be satisfied.

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Sticky Valrhona chocolate brownie, salted caramel sauce & vanilla ice-cream ($12)

For the sweet tooth, let you bask in the sweetness of the sticky chocolate brownie.
Enough said, the photo above is enough to tempt and salivate chocolate lovers ya?

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Young ginger nougat frozen parfait, roasted fresh pineapple & spiced pineapple sauce ($12)

A very ‘halia’ dessert. Made from ginger and pineapple. It has a nice ginger ‘hotness’ to it. I now my wife won’t take this because it has ginger. I will order this because I love ginger, yes even raw ginger that is thinly sliced.

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

The young ginger nougat frozen parfait. Either you love it or you detest it. 😉

Weekend Brunch @ Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

If you are wondering who’s the new Executive Chef behind this new menu, it’s Australian Chef Peter Rollinson. Previously from The Prime Society, that’s why his meat dishes are so good. I guess he knows the Australian produce rather well, that’s why he is using South Australian produce.

Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road
Ginger Garden
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore 259569

Tel: +65 8444 1148

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