Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT Store (Bukit Timah)

I like kitchen gadgets and where when there is an opportunity to try something, I will like to try it.

If you don’t already know, ToTT Store (remember Tools of the Trade) at Dunearn Road is 36,000 sqf kitchen wonderland! There’s a cafe, a Cooking Studio in it as well! Whenever we go there, we covet everything there! Our family have spent some 4 digit number for ‘toys’ from this store over the years. I am saving money and waiting for ‘members month’ to get discounts for the next toy, which is either a Sous Vide Supreme or Thermomix. (subject to the approval of the better half first)

If you missed it, last Christmas they had really good offers for Staub cocotte. I bought one 20 inch Staub Cocotte for just $101 after discounts and using vouchers!! You can instantly redeem the ‘Blue’ for its corporate colour bank points on the spot for ToTT vouchers.You can tell I am quite a fan of this place.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT

Last month at ToTT Cooking Studio, there was this Pizza Making Class using the Pizza Perfector machine and the demo was hosted by two-time winner of the World Pizza Championshop winner, Theo Kalogeracos. Theo’s company created the Pizza Perfector machine.

For the techies, this gadget has a heating element attached to the cover of this clam shell device. The heating element is controlled by the timer on top. There are 2 vents on top that let steams escape so the pizza comes out crispy. The borrom part of the machine where you put the pizza on, the plate rotates. So if any case your heating element is not even, your pizza will turn out nicely heated because of the rotation.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
This is Theo. I just wonder how a person who eats so much carbo, I assume he loves pizza can be still in good shape! He owns the Pizza Place called Little Caesars Pizzeria in Perth, Australia.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
Strong Flour and yeast.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
Add water, there’s no oil in it in his recipe.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
Get your hands dirty, you need to feel how the dough is with your hands. You know when it’s done by feel.  (Be careful not to have the flour on your camera or phones! haha..)

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
Knead until it becomes one big lump. It takes a while though.
It’s not ready yet. It needs some rest to get the gluten activated.

If you want home made goodness and no preservatives and chemicals, you got to be patient!

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
The fun part of the hands on class is that you can really get your hands into the making of the treat. Oh, what you make you get to bring it home too!

This was the class I attended. I was standing at the side with a camera will flour all over as I knead my dough as well!

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
You can see that after kneading and kneading, the texture of the dough is unlike the big lump in the earlier photo. It has become smoother. When you touch it, it is also like touching your slightly flabby arms. (Sorry, but that’s what I can think that most people have) It’s a combi of soft yet firm feeling.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
Lots of elbow grease involved! We pressed the dough in a round shape and then roll them and press it again. We are reminded not to overdo it, else we have to let it rest and get ‘soft’ again.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
We need to get it nicely kneaded and roll up this way.
(If you want to know how the dough feels, sign up for future classes!)

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
Like making other things with dough, Chefs and experts are always telling you to create a nice smooth surface with tension on it. Here we are rolling the dough on the table top to create a nice round surface.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
Here we go. A tear drop shaped dough that the rounded part is nice and smooth.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
The pointed end on the table and press it down. We will now start to roll it into a round shape using a rolling pin. We were going to roll them big enough to fit into the metal sieve like thing on the right on the photo.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
Oh yes, time to show off. What’s a world champion without showing his flipping in the air skill.
We were told, if we are not confident, just holding the corners and letting the dough droop down will also have the safe effect.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
Off it flies into the sky!
Sorry for the blur photo, I was too excited!

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
These were my two pieces of pizza dough. Not perfectly round, I was rolling my dough, taking photos of it and instagramming it live on location. It’s not too bad right?

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
While we let the dough rest, we started making this sauce for the pizza.
We browned some onions and then added in cream and some seasoning. It taste quite good.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
We were making 2 types of pizza. One savoury and one sweet for dessert.

It’s simple right? It’s very economical to make it at home too. You can make the crust thin or thick. Change the ingredients or toppings and you can turn it into some gourmet pizza too!

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
We had prawns and parma ham. It’s not the usual tomato based paste we make or eat at home.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
We dribble some of the cream sauce that we made earlier over the toppings.
Surprisingly, the pizza comes out really really tasty!

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
The Pizza in the Pizza Perfector for 10 minutes!

Oh, if you are one of those who likes to buy frozen pizzas, this machine heats up frozen pizzas nicely too! The organisers bought 2 brands of frozen pizzs from the supermarket, one el-cheapo brand, and one expensive brand. Both turns out so nicely in this oven!

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
That’s it. We sprinkle some lemon juice and chives over it and it was time for us to eat!

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
 A scene at the class. This was probably the smokiest moment in the studio!

We were going to make a sweet dessert pizza, so here we were, caramelizing sugar to be turned into butterscotch and it’s hot hot hot!

In every class, there are the brave ones, who will be hardwork. Others will be taking the phone documenting every step! Every station had the Pizza Perfector!

(I usually don’t introduce my online personality when I go for classes, so the person beside me did not know who I am. Just some weird guy who keeps taking photo of everything).  She was a bit timid as she said she usually does not cook at home. With a bit of nudging, she made 2 nice pizzas too. She did it very slowly, but eventually she completed it. She was not afraid of the making the caramel from sugar too though it was so hot!  I shared with her my pizza to taste on the spot, and told her to bring hers home instead. To show off to her husband a bit lah, and let him try it too.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
The ToTT Studio is a fully BOSCH kitchen. If you are renovating your home and you like to have some hands-on session on the equipment, sign up for these classes. Some of you will know I am quite a fan of BOSCH kitchen equipment.

We were caramelizing sugar on the BOSCH induction cooker.  Be warned, it’s powerful and your sugar melts quickly especially when you turn it on to Booster Mode!

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
Adding cream into the caramel. Look at how it bubbles! Not for the faint hearted. It’s very very hot!
The smell is also very very good!

Theo was telling us, you do not need so much sugar in your butterscotch. If you do, you might as well buy those super sweet ones. The purpose of making it yourself is to have a healthier option. Still enjoying good food, but healthier. 

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
This was the pizza we made with a bottom layer of mozzarella, some banana and a mixture of different nuts and we put it into the Pizza Perfector.

Pizza Perfector Cooking Class at ToTT
Pour the butterscotch liberally over it and sprinkle some icing sugar. You have a very very delicious dessert pizza!

I bought Theo’s Book that is on sale at ToTT Store. Yes, I was quite impressed with his stuff and I am a sucker for recipe books, so I got it and got him to autographed it too!

This class I attended was an invited session. So to thank the ToTT for the class, here’s some adverts from them:

Chinese New Year Celebration Sale
From 5 January to 24 February 2013, ToTT lends a hand with the New Year celebrations with up to 50% off selected items in store, featuring specially chosen products to help kickstart the festivities.

Get ready to usher in the Year of the Snake with rounds of family feasting, and perfect for those gathering round for a traditional steamboat dinner are bundled sets such as the Iwatani Portable Gas Cooker with Zebra Shabu Shabu Pan (UP: $112.90; Now: $90.40) as well as the Divider Soup Pot together with Induction Stove (UP: $191.80; Now: $134.30).

Make it a feast for the eyes too, by serving up hearty family fare on some of ToTT’s elegant serving ware such as Cerabon Essentials ‘PEACH’ Series Coupe Plates (UP: from $17.70 – $26.70; Now: $14.20 – $21.40) or ‘AUTUMN GRASS’ Series Plates (UP: from $12.90 – $23.80; Now: $10.40- $19.10).

Cooking Classes at ToTT (February 2013)

For the Chinese New Year Workshop – Good Fortune (03-February, Sunday, 2pm-5pm), Chef Eric Low will showcase delicious CNY dishes. Watch him prepare 1) Crispy Fish Fillet with Caramelized Shallots and Basil Leaves, 2) Steam Ginger Marinated Chicken with Jin Hua Ham and Mushrooms and 3) Longevity Noodles with Superior Stock and Quail Eggs. You can learn these 3 dishes to add to your CNY dishes repertoire!

The Demo Class is priced at $68 (ToTT Members/DBS/POSB cardholders enjoy 10% discount from ToTT’s regular cooking class fee). Classes can be can booked online ( or by calling 6219 7077 (Ext 201).

*Registration for cooking classes closes three working days prior to the date of class or when maximum number of participants is reached, whichever comes first. Bookings should be made in advance to avoid disappointment.

ToTT Store
896 Dunearn Road
Singapore 589472

Tel: 62197077

Store Operating Hours:  Mon – Fri: 11.00am – 9.00pm /  Sat, Sun & PH: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Bistro Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 10.30am – 9.00pm / Sat, Sun & PH: 9:30am – 9:00pm

Note: The CNY class above is the demo class, these are not hands on, but you get to taste the food that’s being prepared in front of you. If you like hands on sessions, look for the classes marked “hands-on” at  I see classes for CNY Macaroon and also other CNY Cookies classes.

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