Beerfest Asia 2012 (7-10 June) @ Marina Promenade

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Have you been to the Beer Festival? Do you know it has been in Singapore for 3 years and this year, it will be the 4th installment? I have not been to it but the kind folks from Timbre Group has sent me 6 different beers to try before the Beerfest that’s being held from 7-10 June.

These 6 beers are just a small sample of what will be available. At the Beerfest, there will be over 350 different types of beer to purchase. If you are interested to know the types of beer and the prices, the Beerfest website: lists them all.

The Beerfest is not only about beer. It’s organised by the Timbre Group, you know that they have been associated with great music. At the festival, there will be great sing-along songs and familiar tunes performed by two top international bands as well as Singapore top bands. The two international bands are Hell’s Belles from the US and All Star SuperGroup from Australia.

There’s also the Comedy Club that will make you laugh your heads off. The audience can look forward to stand-up comedy by Australian and UK comedians. The Sons of Singapore, a local comedy trio will also be making their debut at this year’s Beerfest.

You can also expect the usual grub that goes with beer. German gourmet sausages, nachos, meatballs and the rest are also available.

Beerfest Asia 2012
Now to talk about the 6 types of beers that I got delivered to me. I have never seen them before. They are from 6 different countries as well.

We invited our relatives over for dinner one weekend and after dinner we had a beer sampling session. It was a mix of 7 adult men and ladies.

Everyone has their own preference for beer and this are just some responses I got from them.
I wont be giving a super detailed taste profile of the beer and also the ingredients. You can taste it at the Beerfest itself. Beer is another thing that’s very personal. For example, my colleague’s husband will only drink certain brands of American beer!

Here’s our more light hearted review of it.
I have also included the professional’s tasting notes to it.

Beerfest Asia 2012
Australian Beer – Hawthorn Pilsner (4.7% ABV)
This beer’s from Melbourne, Australia. Brewed in the suburb of Hawthorn by the Hawthorn Brewing Company Pty Ltd.

Our guest liked this. It is crisp and clear and best served super cold. That was what most of them said. They loved it because of clean taste of it.

Supplier’s tasting notes:
With Pilsner Malt as the base and just a hint of light Crystal Malt, it pours a crystal clear gold colour. Cool fermentation with an imported yeast strain and a lengthy cold storage ensures a very clean & crisp palate, while the use of noble German hops mid way through the boil introduces a delectable floral flavour. Finally, the dry hop a fresh Czech variety for a delicate spicy aroma. Highly refreshing and light to medium in body.
Winner – Best Lager/ Pilsner Hong Kong International Beer Awards 2011

BeerBeerfest Asia 2012Fest4
Singapore Beer – Jungle Beer Tropical Wheat (4.3% ABV) $12
I see on Instagram that many folks like this Singapore brewed beer. Other than the usual famous Tiger, Singapore also has other beers like this one!

We had mix responses from our guests. Some liked it and some did not. Orange pulp and Mango puree are in the list of ingredients. Some guests thought that the mango flavour was too strong though. So if you like mango, this might be your kind of beer. The funny thing is when you burp, it’s the orange taste that comes out. 😉

Supplier’s tasting notes:
The finest fruits, flowers and spices from around the tropics are use to add excitement to the ever popular wheat beer. Simply complex! The intense citrus notes from the Brazilian oranges contrast perfectly with the ripe and mellow flavors from mangoes in this most perfect afternoon beer.

Beerfest Asia 2012
Czech Beer: Primator (4.8% ABV) $6
How did we think of this beer? It’s a funny response we got. Don’t laugh. At the first taste of this beer, someone said it tastes like cold Pu-er tea and everyone all agreed instantly. They also said it tastes better but lighter than Guinness. It gives a sweet after taste.

Supplier’s tasting notes:
Mid fermented beer with full richness, soft distinct bitterness pure hop aroma.Clear, deep chestnut color with a dense, light tan head that holds up well. Smells of Rich, toasty, bready malts with a touch of caramel — even light molasses and finishing with light Saaz hops.Taste  Pretty much the same character as the nose, starting with bready malts that meld into dark bread and molasses flavors  then into a light Saaz character that balances well with the rich malts in the finish. There’s even a mild, underlying roast character and a lightly sweet malt character — even a light dark fruit character in the aftertaste. is soft to dry with a light-medium body.

Beerfest Asia 2012
New Zealand Beer: Croucher Ale (5% ABV) $10
Our guests did not really like this NZ Beer though. Probably we could not appreciate it. Folks said it has a funny taste and it had a bitter aftertaste too.

Supplier’s tasting notes:
A rich rose-gold hue, this ale has a wonderful aroma of passionfruit and lychee; very smooth with a gorgeous lingering finish.

Beerfest Asia 2012
Indonesian Beer: Diablo (5% ABV) $7
It’s not the computer game Diablo that people queued for at Funan last week.

This Indonesian beer surprisingly had more supporters than the NZ beer. Very smooth was the general reply given by most who drank it.

Supplier’s tasting notes:
This clear bodied ale pours a shiny copper and offers up lovely fresh hops with a welcoming bitterness, makes it a rich, yet fruity and dry finish.

Beerfest Asia 2012
Taiwanese Beer – Taiwan Beer (5% ABV) $5 (1 for 1)
One of the lightest beer that we all tried that night. It’s an easy to drink beer for non beer drinkers. It tastes like water and because we tasted this after the rest of the beer, we thought it did not have the usual beer fragrance. The can says it has won quite a few gold medals though.

Supplier’s tasting notes:
Taiwan Beer is an amber lager beer with a distinct taste produced by the addition of Ponlai Rice during the brewing process.

That’s our short and simple review of the beer.

Want to know more about Beerfest Asia 2012?
Head to their website at:

Tickets for the event starts $15 and it includes one complimentary beer to be redeemed at the venue.
Tickets available from

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  • Your proximity to Australia means you get to taste their incredible beers! They are very good and they have a decent craft-y beer scene. Hoping you get more casks and beers on draught though since the taste is better!

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