Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

Momo and I was suppose to meet our relatives for lunch on Sunday but there was a fund raising event by the kids in church. We bought a $10 voucher to help them in their fund raising. With the vouchers, we bought lots of sausages, fried balls, cakes. Tempted by the snacks, we ate them all! Oops, how are we going to have lunch after?

Our lunch venue was Raffles City Shopping Centre because we wanted to pick up goods that we bought from the Robinsons sale a few days before. We asked our relatives where shall we meet for lunch? Japanese was suggested and it was probably a blessing in disguise! It’s where we can share food and not order so much.

We over ordered again! Here’s some of the food we really liked.


The watami salad has always been our favourite. After pouring the mayo sauce over it, it gives the salad a nice sticky texture and taste really good!


These wraps are tasty. We initially thought we ordered bacon something, but it’s skewered beef. Outer layer was nice. Inside is more wet.


The sashimi bowl.


This flat pizza was really tasty. I think it’s the Wafu Pizza.
It was not dry, the ingredients and sauce made is dry, but the crust below was crispy. Nice.


Some globs or sashimi and rice. Pretty good too.


A hot pot for those who needs to eat hot food.
The broth at the end was so tasty! The more it boils, the thicker and tasty it became.

We also had the crispy potato which was the fries. It became soggy quite fast though, but it came with two types of sauces that was addictive though. (We though, smuggle McD’s fries in and eat with their sauce. haha)

The place is still quite pleasant to dine at. The menu have been updated and serves things a little different from our last trip. They still ‘kneel’ beside you to take orders. But catching their attention is a bit challenging in this branch because of the design. Once they see you, they are quite pleasant.

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant @ Raffles City Branch
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-06/07,
Raffles City Shopping Centre,
Singapore 179103

Tel: 6336 2425
Hours 11.30am to 10pm

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