Frolick @ Holland Village

We were at Holland Village and wondered if we should have frozen yogurt from Frolick or ice cream from The Daily Scoop.

We settled for Frolick, because we were lazy to walk over.
We ordered and sat down at the bench in front of the stall and ate our yogurt while people watching.

*** Cup B, Lychee, Marshmallows ***


We did not see any handsome guys or pretty girls. Our eyes were glued to this cute frozen dessert instead!
I told sis and momo, I am ordering the cup B.

They looked at me with the weirdest stare. What?? What did I say wrong? They also got what I meant by Cup B when they saw the menu board. :-p

That was flavoured cup B. Lychee flavour with marshmallows topping!

*** Cup B, Original, Gummies ***


We also ordered another Cup B with the original flavour. The topping chose for this cup was gummies. The gummies are really really chewy! I liked the yellow gummies!

I preferred the flavoured version whilst the girls preferred the original.
Do you feel like having some now? They have branches all around if you are wondering.

I had mine at:
Frolick – Holland Village
241 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278976

Hours: Mon – Thu: 1200 – 2300, Fri and Eve of PH: 1200-0100, Sat and PH (Fri): 1100-0100, Sun & PH (Mon-Thu): 1100-2300


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