600 calories or less meal: O’Briens at SGH

This was an invited food tasting session courtesy of the Singapore Health Promotion Board. 

Here’s Destination No. 4:
O’Briens at Singapore General Hospital

Obriens Lower Calorie Specials

We were quite surprised that we were brought to the hospital for food tasting! Are we going to get so clinical about counting calories? ( I sound lame?)

It was not hospital food that we were tasting. It was O’Briens Lower Calorie Specials.

The healthier options were either the wholemeal sandwich or the wholemeal pasta salad with a box of fruits.

Obriens Wholemeal Pasta Salad

The wholemeal pasta salad served was huge! That’s a normal size fork. (Take a fork out to compare if you want to know the size) If you are a small eater, I would recommend that you share it with another person.

I am not an ‘olive eating’ person, so I did not eat any olives. Although it was wholemeal pasta, it did taste quite pleasant. If you are not used to wholemeal food, try eating a few mouths first, your taste-buds would get to like it. After that, you can probably wallop it all. The dressing is a bit too oily for me. (Probably because I usually have my salads naked! i.e. no dressing)

Obriens Turkey Cranberry Wholemeal Sandwich

If you are more of a bread person, this cranberry sauce with turkey breast ham is nice.
After eating at 3 places before coming here, I was full and did not want to have anymore food. But after tasting 1 triangle of the sandwich, I took another one! I like the mixture of savoury and sweetness is rather pleasant.

Obriens Fruit Box

The big box of cold cut fruits was an absolute delight. We asked the HPB folks: “There’s so much fruits, won’t it exceed the 600 calories limit?” No, they replied. But to keep to the 600 calories, no coffee or tea.

The 4 bloggers were busy eating the fruits and taking photos but we noticed something. (Since the last stop,) the nutritionists stopped touching their food. Have they been counting calories and stop eating when their quota was reached? Or they are shocked at how we can eat so much?

O’Briens (SGH Outlet)
1 Hospital Drive
Singapore 169608

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