Thai Express @ Bukit Panjang Plaza

This was a quick lunch at Bukit Panjang Plaza. Places to eat gets changed quite frequently here. There is now a Thai Express. It is situated where Xin Wang used to be. (By the way, Xin Wang, Thai Express belong to the same boss, so I guess they are trying to see which chain is more popular or bring in more profits)

I think Thai Express is a better choice than Xin Wang 🙂

*** Mango Salad ***


We had a Mango Salad to share. If you are ordering this, be careful of the nasty chilli padi! Small and so potent! Probably that is why it is nice.

*** Tomyam Horfun ***


The Horfun that aunt had. I think it was the Tom Yam Horfun. I can’t remember, but I remember it is 🙂

 *** Meatballs with Tang Hoon ***


Our cousin had this and she liked it. She has this thing about tang hoon nowadays. She had it with a bowl of rice.

*** Set Meals ***


Thai Express seems to have set meals now. They have starters, mains and dessert.

For the starters, there was the shrimp toast (above) or Crispy pancakes (another set that we had)
For the dessert, what we were given was steamed tapioca cake with coconut milk.


For one of the set, we had the Thai Green Curry. I like this curry, I actually finished the whole bowl of curry. (and got a very warm tummy later. :-p )


Their so innocent looking fiery Tom Yam soup. After you sip a mouth of it, you know the potency!

Thai Express @ Bukit Panjang Plaza
Jelebu Road
Singapore 677743

Tel:  6892 6953
Hours: Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 10.00pm,  Sunday 11.00am to 10.00pm

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