Tampopo @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre

We are back at Tampopo again. But since it’s October, the ‘sale’ is over! If only they extended their promotion!

We were initially thinking of getting something quick at the new and nicer looking Takashimaya Food Court. As usual, that place is so packed! After waiting around for 15 minutes and with so many other people standing all over the food court like bodyguards of diners from different table, we decided to go somewhere else.

Tampopo was suggested and off we went. 6 of us with almost different tastebuds got our seats quite quickly.

*** Salmon Sashimi ***


Pretty little thingy that looks like a flower. Wasabi is not potent at all though.

*** Beef Udon Soup ***

Our cousin orders this wherever she goes! Well, she likes it and the sashimi is ‘technically’ for her, since she is the one who wallops it all. 🙂


*** Black Pig Shabu Ramen ***

I had the Black Pig Shabu Ramen. $14.30 It says on the menu, is No. 1 Ramen in Singapore. Hmm.. Who voted it? :-p


They had a double portion of meat version, so I took that. I love my pork!The double portion is only a dollar more!

*** Hakodate Rich Shoyu ***

Uncle had the Hakodate Rich Shoyu ($14.80) that was made from pork bone and seafood soup.
We had a sip of the soup and it’s quite nice.


*** Deluxe Hakodate Ramen ***

Sis and Momo wanted to have it all. They had the ‘deluxe’ version of the Hakodate Ramen. ($16.30)
It has everything! Pork, Corn, Egg, Seaweed and even an extra dollop of butter.


Momo’s egg. She said, take a photo of it! haha….
People who love runny egg yolks will love it!

yummy egg

*** Teriyaki chicken ***

Aunt who don’t like to eat pork and did not want to have noodles, had a Teriyaki Chicken and a bowl of rice.

Teriyaki Chicken

Tampopo Takashimaya
391 Orchard Road
Takashimaya Shopping Center
Singapore 23887

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