Mooncakes – NCS

This box of mooncakes that looks like a tiny chest is from one of our vendors – NCS.
We were curious who made it but there’s no indication anywhere on the box who manufactured them.

We called them the NCS OEM mooncakes!

Mooncakes - NCS

When you opened it, it looks very nice!
There’s their logo on top.

The top layer had two mooncakes and 4 flower tea bulbs.
The bottow layer had two other mooncakes and a box that contained forks and knives.

Mooncakes - NCS

These flower bulb teas look good as part of the box!

Mooncakes - NCS

I have not tried the mooncakes yet. Maybe the later today or tomorrow.
Mooncakes are high in calories!

Mooncakes - NCS

NCS does work for so many companies in Singapore.
Did you get any NCS mooncakes? ;-p

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