PeraMakan @ Keppel Club

Just last week, sis and I were chatting while watching TV that we have not been to PeraMakan for some time. (I think we were some cooking show about peranakan food)

A few days later, we went out shopping with uncle and family at VivoCity and suddenly our Aunt asked if anyone is interested in going to Peramakan for dinner!  (she can read our stomachs? minds? hehe)

What did we have here this time round?

This is the Beef Rendang. $14.
Still as tender and tasty as we know it. One dish that makes you eat lots of rice!

Beef Rendang

Our favourite here. The Babi Pongtay. $14
We always feel happy eating this. It’s another dish that makes you wallop up your whole plate of rice and want more!

Babi  Pongtay

The Nyonya Chap Chye. $10.
Boys and girls will enjoy eating their vegetables if they are cooked this way.

Nyonya Chap Chye

The Cincalok Omelette. $10.
We remember it was always very salty when we ordered it, so we told them to go easy on the saltiness. The dish came out not so salty, but also with not so much cincalok. You just can’t win eh? But it was still good. 

Cincalok Omelette

The Sambal Bendi Goreng. $10.
The sambal ladies finger / okra. Nicely done. Spicy enough. The okras were not tough.

Sambal Bendi Goreng

The Ikan Garam Assam. $16
Are you an assam fan?  I like the sauce but not really the fish. LOL..

Ikan Garam Assam

Oh yes, you should always save some space for the desserts here. We had the Ice Kachang and Chendol. 😉 No durian penyat this time. LOL…

Level 3, Keppel Club
10 Bukit Chermin Road
Singapore 109918
Tel: 6377 2829

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