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This was Sunday’s lunch. Comfort food that reminds us of our late maternal grandma’s cooking. Do you know when she was around,  we called her SuperGran!

What did we eat here?

We had to order this every time we are here. Ice cold bitter gourd with honey.

Iced Bitter Gourd

If you don’t like the regular tea, you can ask for their special teas. This place serves nice tea! The tea we had came in individual cups. There seems to be some promo. We only paid for 2 instead of 4 cups.

These tea cups have filters for tea leaves.


The tea we had was the Fujian Tie Kuan Yin. You should try it, it’s nice! Each cup is filled with half a pack of these fragrant leaves.

Tie Kuan Yin

The 9 layer braised pig intestines. If you like intestines, these are delicious.
(But if you want the even nicer ones, the Kitchener Road main branch seems better. hehe)

Braised Pig Intestines

The Hing Hwa Bee Hoon that we like.
Supergran and mum’s version has ‘kim zham’ (tiger lily buds) and ‘bok nee’ (black fungus).

Fried Hing Hwa Bee Hoon

The shredded meat with bun. Their version here has the ‘hoisin sauce’ taste. Supergran’s version is with dark and light soy with something else. Sigh… I am thinking of supergran now…

Shredded Meat with Bun

You eat it with crispy skin sesame seed buns here.
(For supergran’s version we had it with plain rice or her favourite ‘cho bee’ (brown rice) or ‘cho bee berr’ (brown rice porridge) )

Shredded Meat with Bun

We had a peep at the next table and saw that they ordered this. We got tempted and swapped our orders. Steamed bamboo clams with garlic.  It’s delicious!

Steamed Bamboo Clams with Garlic

This is the wet version of ‘hing hwa bee hoon’. If you like gooey stuff, try this! It’s not mee suah but when you eat it you might think it is. Hing hwa bee hoon is very fine.

All of us remembered supergran when we ate this. She liked gooey stuff like this dish. She must have fed so much of it to us, now when we taste something similar, we feel very warm in our hearts.

Hing Hwa Bee Hoon Soup

A great lunch. Yummy yummy indeed.

Pu Tien @ VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk
#03-01B VivoCity Food Republic
Singapore 098585

Tel: 6376 9358

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