Original Herbal Shop @ Balestier Road

After eating at two different places, we still had some space for desserts in our stomach. 😉
To cool down after eating so much, we went to the Original Herbal Shop. It’s my first time to this shop!

Original Herbal Shop

6 of us, we ordered the following:
Nic had the Black Sesame Seed Paste. I remember it smelling good!

Sesame Seed Paste

Nic said he needed to cool down. So he had this black bitter concoction! The 24 Herb Special Herbal Tea. Haha. I took a photo of him drinking this. It sure looked bitter and disgusting from his reaction!

I think this bowl came from the big huge container in the first photo!

24 Herbs Special Herbal Tea

Hungry Cow and I had the Ginseng Honey Suckle Chrysanthemum Tea. (Cold ones from the fridge)
I was so thirsty and this was a thirst quencher!

Ginseng Honey Suckle Chrysanthemum Tea

AromaCookery had the Longan Stewed Papaya with Rock Sugar.
Looks so delicious isn’t it?

Longan Stewed Papaya with Rock Sugar

Momo and Camemberu ordered the same dessert.
They each had a Longan & White Fungus dessert. Looks good too!

Longan & White Fungus

Looks like an interesting place to have good old fashion desserts.

Original Herbal Shop
414 Balestier Road
Singapore 329806

Tel: 6250 5567

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  • Oh, I've always noticed the huge container when I passed by here. But never knew they sold other desserts too. Thank you.

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