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My colleagues and I had a ‘Christmas Feast’ on Tuesday. Not sure if you have a scheme at work where you suggest work improvements and you might get compensated with some $$. It is known as “WITS” in many places.

Anyway, a few colleagues suggested quite a few improvements over the year, and we kinda pool them together and have a ‘makan’ fund.  This lunch was paid for using the ‘makan’ fund. 😉

We thought we would go for JPot because a few colleague saw my post on it previously.

So, off we went to VivoCity. It was a big group, so arrived at different time. The group that reached earlier placed the order. So we just ordered…… while the rest began by eating the dips! LOL.. Yes, the dips are delicious. See, I had chives, parsley, raw garlic, fried garlic, sha cha, sesame seeds, ginger stripes and soy sauce and different oils below.

The dipping sauce

There’s just too many photos, so I took out some and the rest are smaller size here.

We booked a table of 12 initially. But 4 colleagues could not make it at the last minute, so only 8 of us turned up. We still got to sit at this huge table they reserved for us. Think we needed the space with all the things we ordered! ;-p

The big table had 2 induction cooker, so we could have 2 pots cooking at the same time. Since we had 2 pots, that means we could try 4 out of their many soup bases. The first pot, we had the Bak Kut Teh and Laksa Soup.

Pot 2: Bak Kut Teh & Laksa

The second pot, we had the  Superior Broth and Tom Yam Soup.

Pot 1: Superior Stock and Tom Yam

We just ordered what we felt like eating. But we were trying not to over order or bust our budget. For most of the things we had like 1 each for each person. Except for things in the ‘yong tau fu’ menu where we had a few since not everyone eats them. One colleague wanted to eat ‘sausage’ so much, so this is hers. 🙂

Green Capsicum with fish meat

We had like 2 of the ‘giant’ meat ball. I think this meat ball is nice!

Giantic meatballs

We had like other balls as well. Can’t remember how many kinds of it we had. But you can see these balls are not those frozen balls you have at other places. Fresh ones!

Meat Balls

The fish paste in a piping bag, so that you can squeeze long strips of fish meat into the soup. It looks like mini worms. Worms that are delicious!

FIsh paste in piping bag

Think this is the chicken meat with the quail egg. Think we also had the pork. The moment it’s done, it just disappears from the pot. We just put it straight into our mouths. haha


More balls. After cooking, they are a little bouncy and yet very soft.

Fish Balls

Some stuff are expensive while others are cheap. I think this might be one of the pricier items. Fish maw. Makes the soup very tasty though!

Fish Maw

The beef… So thinly sliced it cooks very fast. So all you need is to put it in the soup, count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and take it up!


The service staff told us the prawns were on sale that day and we should order it. We had lots of prawns. 7 each plate and we had 2. So prawns lovers could eat more.

Fresh prawns

The YTF stuff.. The colours looks so vibrant eh?

Chilli and Bittergourd

We only ordered 1 portion of corn. After tasting the corn, we thought we should have ordered more. :-p


We dip them in the non spicy side of the pots. We thought it won’t go with spicy soup. But maybe it will on hindsight.

Inoki Mushrooms

More mushrooms…


We had lots of veggies. This is the Tang Oh. We also had 2 other different kinds. Watercress and something else.


Boiling away. You can see we also had yam slices. What else did we have?

The 2nd pot

If you are wondering which soup base is the best, all of us said the Superior Broth. If we were to come again, we would just have Superior Broth. and maybe Bak Kut Teh.

Our Hot pot boiling away...

We were stuffed, so so stuffed.

But we still wanted desserts. The mango shaved ice dessert. We shared 3 of it.
We were initially greedy and wanted 4 bowls, but the service stuff said: I think you guys should just order 3. She was so right. Another reason why we like this place. They don’t push and make you order more than what you need.

The Mango Shaving Dessert!

The bill came up to $216.10.

We asked if any cards had discounts. (as usual. don’t you all ask too?) We were told Citibank gives us 10% off here. We get discounts with the Jumbo Card (which we did not have). So we gave the service staff the Citi card. Then we took it back. We realise StanChart gives 15% via rebate instead.

The service staff was so confused when we said we get 15% with this card. She says, no this card has no discount here. But we said it’s ok, just swipe it. She walked away so so confused wondering why we took back the Citibank card. haha..  (no, this meal was paid by us and not StanChart. Thought StanChart cards still gives the best deal around).

VivoCity (Lobby F)
1 HarbourFront Walk
Singapore 098585

Tel: 6273 3536

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