Feng Sheng Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Dover Market

My colleagues and I seem to be craving chicken! Not any chicken but chicken from the Chicken Rice stall at Dover Food Centre. Why? We don’t know!! We are thinking maybe they have ‘added extra things’ that’s why we are craving to go back again and again. (ganja perhaps?) haha….

While walking to the chicken stall, we already decided what we will be eating. We are having 1/2 Obama and 1/2 McCain! (No, we are not racist, but there’s a stall that name it that way in the menu in Singapore!)

Since we are talking about Obama and McCain, this shall be our Thanksgiving Lunch. We are replacing the turkey with chicken! (hey, at least half of it is roasted)

The roast ‘obama’ chicken. Don’t eat the skin if you are worried about eating them. But we like skin! We wasted none of the skin at all!

Obama Style

McCain chicken. Any of you like the gel like texture below the ‘white chicken’ skin?  We sure do!

McCain Style

Why did we order half / half this time? We calculated that it is cheaper to order 2 halves than telling them we want chicken rice with portions for 4 people.

It’s $8 for half a chicken. You get more meat too! Since it’s 4 guys today, so there’s no problem eating it all!

The add a ‘healthy’ element to our meal, we thought we should order a ‘Veg dish’. Does eating bean sprouts qualify as having your daily greens? :-p

Bean Sprouts

Glittering rice. (in other words, a little oily lah)
Goes well with our chicken and lots of black sauce and chilli sauce.

Fluffy and glittering white rice

They seem to know we are their chilli. They gave us an extra bowl of chilli, which we finish it off!
$20 for all of the above which is $5 each. It comes with complimentary MSG laden soup too. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers from the United States. 🙂

Feng Sheng Hainanese Chicken Rice
Dover Market and Food Centre
Stall 01-133
33 Dover Road
Singapore 130033

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