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On Saturday night, our aunt ‘jio’ (invited) us out for a HotPot meal. She wanted to try out JPot at VivoCity. It was only when I was there, that I found out it’s another of Jumbo’s new concept restaurants. (they are all kinds of restaurants now don’t they?)

This place is so popular! There’s a super long queue outside. We finally got in after queuing for half an hour.  Well, we would say it’s worth the queuing. haha.

After we ordered, it was time to get the dipping sauce for the hotpot. For the dipping sauce, it’s a DIY thing. There were (we noticed) two stations with all the different types of sauces and condiments for you to mix. I followed 75% of one of the recipe for mixing the sauce. I am proud to present my version of the sauce! (with lots of greens which I love)

The Dipping Sauce

Bird’s eye view of a portion of the things we ate.

Table full of food!

For the soup base, there’s a huge selection of soup base to choose.  There were 7 flavours that we can choose. They even have Bak Kut Teh as a soup base!

We had the JPot Superior Broth and Tom Yam.

Our Hot Pot

Chicken, dumplings, scallops, fish slices.The scallops are huge!

Dumplings, Scallops, etc

The meats…. Other than these thinly sliced meat,s, we also had chicken and pork strips. Their chicken and pork strips comes with a quail egg that you break and mix it with the meat.

Meat Selection

This is the Giant Meatball!
You turn them into smaller meat balls. Excellent choice if you got teenagers who loves to ‘help prepare’ the food. 🙂

Giant Meatball

The mushrooms and veggies. Things that makes the soup even more delicious!


Errr. This is not my favourite food. But it’s sis, Uncle, Aunt and cousin’s favourite!
They love it so much, they ordered an extra plate of it. Why? What’s so nice about liver?

Pork Liver

To end it off, we all shared this Ice Mango dessert.
The white stuff is shaved milk. You should try this. I think it’s very very nice!

Ice Mango

We like this place! The ingredients were really fresh and the soup bases are nice.

Our family is very particular when we have hotpot/steamboat. We always make sure that there’s two different pairs of utensils for cooking and eating. What we noticed is that the service staff reminded us two times to use different utensils to eat and cook. They provided everyone a mini tongs for cooking. So that kinda connected to us.   ;-p 

VivoCity (Lobby F)
1 HarbourFront Walk
Singapore 098585

Tel: 6273 3536

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