Khansama Tandoori Village @ Science Park I

This was lunch last week, when we thought we miss eating nice Indian Food. We knew that there’s a $9.90 buffet going on and wondered should we go for it. We knew when we order ala carte it will be around $10 per person. So we thought we shall try it.

There are around a total of 20 different things to choose from, and it has vegetarian items too.

But I was not really interested in eating vegetarian stuff that day, so I took the meats. The two meats in the tiny bowls are Butter Chicken and Masala Mutton. I had two servings of the chicken and 1 serving of mutton. The mutton’s very good and does not smell gamey at all. 

I also like the fried ocra very much and I had seconds of it too. Some rice and some curry with cheese stuff and that’s it. I did not touch other stuff. It’s very filling, so you can’t eat much.

The buffet plate

Other colleagues who went also ordered almost the same thing. 🙂
The selection is small, but for the $9.90 nett price, it’s quite ok.

The buffet plate

But many of us had like 3 or 4 servings of this dessert!
Badam Kheer – Milk based dessert made from almonds, cardamom and saffron.
(the yellow stuff is saffron, I tried to scoop it. LOL Saffron is really expensive you know!)

Yes, it’s sweet but it somehow makes you wanna keep eating it!

Badam Kheer

It’s very filling and the food’s nice, but you get filled up very fast.

The buffet does not include the Tandoori that is very nice here. Maybe the next time we are here, we will go back to the ala-carte menu 😉

The buffet lunch is from 11.30 am to 3.00 pm. Call them to check if it’s still available if you are going to try it.

Khansama Tandoori Village
87 Science Park Drive
02-01 The Science Hub
Singapore 118260

Tel: 67760300

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