Satay Power @ Lau Pa Sat

The Monday night 4 of us went for Satay supper because it has been so so long since we had Satay! The 4 of us were Momo, MsMHA, Gorilla and I.

Our favourite stall goes with the name of Satay Power. Don’t ask us why, we just happen to like it from our last taste test of the many stalls. (no, we did not receive any free satay to say this. LOL)

satay power @ Lau Pa Sat

We ordered 4 chicken wings. We regretted. The wings were not tasty at all. For chicken wings, you still need to go inside the main building. I can’t remember which stall inside.

(Pardon the neon-ish photos, we were sitting under neon street lamps, and I am too lazy to adjust the white balance and just wanna eat my satay. )

BBQ Chicken Wings

The Satay was quite all right. We ordered 30 sticks. 10 chicken, 10 mutton and 10 beef.

We liked the beef and chicken a lot that we ordered another 15 sticks of chicken and 15 sticks of beef.

Satay Power

The satay sauce. I love satay sauce but found this a little too thick. Guess what I did? The lemon from the chicken wings, squeeze the lemon juice in the satay. It will dilute the sauce a bit and the sauce will taste nicer too! (Some satay sauce add pineapple puree, adding lemon juice is a good alternative)

Satay Power Sauce

Satay Power
Open air area on Boon Tat Street
Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
18 Raffles Quay
Singapore 048582

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