Pine Court Seafood @ Blk 43 Holland Drive

One colleague suddenly told the rest of us, another of our colleague (old cat) has been eating the ‘hor fun’ / ‘chao mi fen’ / ‘mui fan’ kind of dishes at this ‘zhi char’ at Buona Vista after work. It seems to be quite nice and he has been going back way too often.

We must try it out and see if it’s nice. So we went there for lunch one fine day. It’s at Blk 43 Holland Drive coffeeshop. The zhi char is called Pine Court Seafood.

Pine Garden Seafood at the Coffeeshop at Blk 43 Holland Drive

We were really hungry that day and we ordered a few dishes to share.
We were recommended the tofu dish. Not too spectacular, but it was not bad. The green vegetable some hairy gourd.

Homemade Tofu Dish

We wanted to try the plain old sweet and sour pork, but we were recommended this instead. Fruity Pork Ribs. The ribs are nice.

Fruity Pork Ribs

We also ordered a deep fried long beans dish. I think all of us like long beans, so we found it good. We tasted some salted fish bits in it. Maybe that’s what it nice?

Long beans with mince

Prawn Paste Chicken. Fragrant deep fried chicken. Who can resist it?

Prawn Paste Chicken

Zhi Char at coffeeshops are usually very economical and taste really good. Might come back again to bring the rest to try.

Pine Court Seafood.
Coffee Shop at Blk 43,
Blk 43 Holland Drive,
Singapore 270043

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