Udders Ice Cream @ Lorong Kilat

This first photo was taken a week ago. Spotted a new ice cream place not too far from where we live. We noticed it was new because of all the congratulatory flowers. So, we plan to come back another day. Maybe when they are more settled down.

Udders @ Lorong Kilat

6 days later, which was last Saturday night, we came here with friends after dinner. Wow, the place is so so packed! What a difference 6 days make! Every single table was full. We waited for a while (not that long, around 10 mins) before we got seats for the 13 of us.

Udders at Lorong Kilat

One thing that caught our eyes was the ‘scribble wall’ they had. Can you spot what I wrote? The one all of us liked was the question: Why did the cow cross the road? Answer: To get to the UDDER side. LOL!

Scribble Wall

Last week when we arranged for our friends to come here, we were wondering… is this place OK? But guess what? On the Saturday morning, we saw a confirmation sign that it is. In our mailbox was this flyer. Free Ice Cream Voucher from the new ice cream cafe in your neighbourhood!

For their neighbours

Today as I came home, I saw more on the dining table. I asked sis, they are giving more free ice cream? Sis said: “No Lah”. Must thank our little bugs neighbours. Some neighbours must have treated it like junk brochures and threw them on the floor. haha…

For their neighbours

I am getting old and absent minded. I forgot what is the flavour I ordered the other night. I think it’s caramel with sea salt or something like that. I just remembered the sea salt in the name. I like the tinge of saltiness in this ice cream. It’s something really different. I think I might go back for more of this.

Caramel and Sea Salt?

Momo had Choya Lime Umeshu Sorbet. She like Choya, so she likes this. Sis and others think it’s quite unique. As I don’t like choya, I don’t like it. LOL….

Choya Lime Umeshu

Ms Rach had the Bailey’s and Bourbon. Many people seems to like Bailey’s and ya, it never goes wrong right?

Bailey’s & Bourbon

More ice cream photos. As we were too big a group, we sat at two separate tables. So the following photos are from the next table. I went over to snap some photos, but did no ask them the flavour.

My guess: this must be oreos and mango? I think the Yaps had this. Their two kids must have enjoyed this. 😉

Udders Ice Cream

Oreos and Bailey’s?
I think the Lees had this. Hey, Mrs Lee can have alcohol ice cream meh? After first trimester can eat anything? (I assume it is Bailey’s haha)

Udders Ice Cream

That must be chocolate and I think vanilla? I think the Chungs shared this.

I read that their vanilla here is the made from real vanilla pods and not from essence etc.

Udders Ice Cream

Ice Cream costs between $3.20 to I think $4.90 for a big scoop depending on flavours.

Something I noticed is that the bowls, and spoons are all from the freezer! So your ice cream don’t melt that fast.

Udders Ice Cream
17 Lorong Kilat,
#01-08 Kilat Court,
Singapore 598139

Tel: 64661055
Web: http://udders.com.sg (might not be very updated)

Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon to 11pm
Friday, Saturday and eve of PH: 12 noon to 12 midnight

11 thoughts on “Udders Ice Cream @ Lorong Kilat”

  • woah! priceless autograph there! 😀

    lotsa new ice cream parlours these days, eh? and the flavours are getting more and more interesting. from stout to choya, woah, alcoholics (me) rejoice! hehe…

  • Haha you really blogged ice cream! That's a lotta photos though!

    Udders has come to Lor Kilat eh…why never come to the East…sigh.

    The choya sorbet is unusual! I also like Choya!
    But nothing can beat salty caramel in anything!

  • Glory youths have been going there like nobodies' business.. Our new haunt heh. We should do some tie ups with them for bringing so much business! Like 10% discount or something… Haha..


  • Camemberu,
    Yeah, I did 😉
    But I don't do much to photos, so it's quick.
    You are another Choya person? So many people seem to like Choya!

    The other day when I was there, it was not Glory Youths. I did not recognize them. Didn't you get the cards in your mailbox for free ice cream? Or someone at home took it first. LOL..

  • there is another quiet gelato place on Lor Kilat too. Its called Fruiti la Viva or something, but its further in. I tried their ice cream that comes served in a paint palette (the kind we used in pri sch). Cute!

  • Meg,

    haha.. don't be so udderly envious!
    NZ has one of the best ice creams around!

    Ya, we passed by that place. Going to try it one of these days too. 😉

  • Hey, the hubby loves Choya and ice cream. I should take him to Udders one of these days. I heard their durian ice cream is also good.

    Lorong Kilat is turning into quite the happening food street, yah? 🙂

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