Benkei Japanese / Korean Cuisine @ NUS Science Canteen

Many friends who are students in NUS are updating on their Facebook status or twitters that it’s their last lecture as an undergrad. I suddenly thought: “wah.. i feel so old! my last lecture as an undergrad was more than a decade ago!”

Anyway, since we are talking about NUS, we shall talk about eating in NUS. The canteens in NUS offers quite decent food at very cheap prices. This week, as Singapore’s economy is projected to go worse, colleagues and I have been eating value for money meals at NUS Canteens.

I realise I have 3 sets of photos from the same stall in my camera this week. 2 eaten by colleagues and one by me. All from Benkei Japanese Cuisine at the Science Canteen.

Benkei Japanese Cuisine @ NUS Science Canteen

This is the Korean BBQ Chicken Set that I had. $4.
That’s quite a generous portion of meat too right? Taste is not too bad lah.

Korean BBQ Chicken Set

This is colleague’s Japanese Saba and Teriyaki Chicken Set. $4.
The Saba has already been eaten when I took this photo. hehe….

Saba and Teriyaki Chicken Set

The Korean BBQ Beef Set. $4.50
Colleague says it is nice, and very spicy too!

Korean BBQ Beef Set

The sets comes with a bowl of rice and a bowl of miso soup.

Rice with black sesame seeds

Miso Soup

If you order the Japanese set emals, you get 3 pieces of mini jelly. If you order the Korean, you get a small saucer of Kimchi.


The kimchi that another colleague had was not as nice as the one I had on a different day. Hmmm different batches taste different?

We suddenly realise we miss the Japanese stall that was at the Arts Canteen long long ago. We think that was the best. Anyone remember them? 😉

Benkei Japanese / Korean Cuisine,
NUS Science Canteen.

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