Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Upper Bukit Timah Road

We had relatives visiting Singapore and we met them for dinner. Aunt asked what they would like to eat, and they said: “the chicken rice that we had the last time we were here”.

Looks like chicken rice in Singapore leaves a deep impression to visitors!

So, the whole ‘clan’ went to the chicken rice place that our aunt brought them the last time they were here, the Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice shop.

Here’s what we had:

The boneless ‘white’ chicken. We like their chicken here because it has less fat, yet the meat’s still tender and juicy. (I think the chicken’s kampung chicken if I remembered correctly)

The delicious Chicken

Our ‘clan’ this time had 12 adults and 1 teenager. To feed the this clan, 4 plates of chicken was ordered. LOL

The 4 plates of Chicken

Enough to feed the clan? Of course not. We had doubles of the following dishes.
The chicken feet salad.

(We learn a new term for it. Our relos call it the ‘white tyres’. LOL..)

Chicken Feet

The sweet and sour pork.

Sweet and Sour Pork

The spicy version of the Fan Su Ye.

Spicy Fan Su Ye

For the spicy-challenged, the no-sambal version of Fan Su Ye.

Fan Su Ye

For the fried food lovers, the Stuffed Fried You Tiao.

Stuffed You Tiao

Finally, the stuff that I did not touch, the chicken gizzard.

Chicken Gizzard

Someone from the ‘clan’ is a future-in-law. He followed his girlfriend down to Singapore for a holiday. He’s from Ipoh and we asked him how’s the chicken rice here?

He said, “Well, almost there lah…” LOL…

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice
6/7 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599731

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