Stall No 1 @ NUH Staff Canteen

This was our lunch few days ago. Colleagues and I went to the NUH Staff Canteen to eat. Colleagues heard that the pale looking noodles from Stall No 1 (ok we can’t remember the name haha) seems to be quite popular. So they wanted to try it.

(Pardon the ugly spoon arrangement, but that’s how it comes LOL)
Well, the verdict, they said its ok lah.

I don’t fancy yellow noodles, so I had the Xin Zhou He Fen. It’s nice, but oily, really oily. Paradox? Nice but oily?

Somehow, someone will order the dumpling to share. Well, one thing for sure, everyone says this stall’s dumplings are nice.

I am also not a dumpling person. I don’t like to eat the skin. Breaking it up so that you can see what’s inside. Think I have mentioned it before, you can order the uncooked dumpling home if you are having a dumpling party 😉

Stall No 1 @ NUH Staff Canteen
Lower Kent Ridge Road

9 thoughts on “Stall No 1 @ NUH Staff Canteen”

  • Awww… but I am SOOOO a dumpling person. Just see my body shape and you know oredi. LOLSorry for going MIA for a week from your blog… Planning my friend’s wedding. NOT EASY. 😛Now to get up to date… Seven more posts to read… (You really do blog daily, don’t you?)

  • I think the pale noodle thing is called prawn mee or something. You find it at every HDB kopitiam in Singapore. Can be quite tasty lah.

  • Thanks for the blog suggestion. I have vistited your food blog before – LOVE IT!!! You do food porn very well! And I just realized you are posting on a daily basis so you have my total admiration here.Sometime ago, I started taking pictures of my meals as a food diary. I posted them on my MySpace blog and friends would advise me on what not to eat, etc.(pictures are < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<> and < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<>).I know it’s the point but I found it a little difficult to keep up with posting every meal. I’ve started again, but I am now focussing on < HREF="" REL="nofollow">breakfast pictures<>. And making it as pretty as possible. It is a lot of fun!! 🙂

  • The dumplings look divine! As do all your shots, of course. I always LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing what you have eaten. But it makes me crave them and then I’m hungry. 🙂BTW, you might want to disallow anonymous commenting as I see someone who has left an ugly comment with foul language. Of course, they didn’t leave their name.

  • xiao-qiang,u like dumplings eh? 🙂camemberu,this one is yums but oily. LOLkenny,haha… Dailyphoto, got to post daily. or sometimes, backdate if i am too busy for that day 🙂SOoooooUP,hmmm…. the world’s so small!now u got me curious. which dept? hehe..What lah you,I was trying to remember the name of Stall No 1. OOps, I am sometimes quite blur posting nearly midnight.Eliane,Your breakfast photos are yummy and delicious and healthy too! It’s too pretty to be eaten!Thien,Ya, I took off the offending comment. Got to live with it. sigh..My Wok Life,Not a very good one, still very amateurish 🙂

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