Paradise on Earth @ Tanjong Katong

This might sound silly, but we do silly things don’t we? It was one of our colleague’s birthday. But when we told him we wanted to celebrate by treating him lunch, he declined. (This guy is known to take leave on his birthday the last few years, but this year he came to work, but still did not want to join us for lunch hmm..)

So guess what? We all still decided that we shall have a nice meal outside, celebrating his birthday on his behalf without him. (We gluttons just want to find a reason to go out and eat)

‘Old Cat’ has been wanting to go to have Steamboat at this place in Tanjong Katong for a long time. After the first time they were there, they have been wanting to go back. I got to join them this time (Tuesday this week).

What an interesting name ya? Paradise on Earth.

While we were thinking what to eat, we were served achar. It’s quite delicious you know. Yes, it was gone in less than 1 minute!

There was 5 kinds of soup base to choose from, we chose the ‘dried scallop’ and the ‘mala’ soup. (The others are tom yam, satay and I can’t remember the fifth.
This place use induction cookers. No gas fumes. yey!

We took the lunch buffet and we got to pick from the “B” and “C” menu. This is our first round. We had like 3 and a half rounds.

From the menu, if you order the fried rice, it comes fried. (No you do not need to fry it yourself haha) It is quite delicious too!

I think this is one of the quality steamboats you can find that is still priced reasonably.
You really get a satisfied meal. Just as with any steamboat meals, you enjoy the cooking process and the chatting time while you wait for the food to cook.

To avoid crowds, come in the afternoon. We were the only table there, so service was excellent. The food’s fresh too.

200 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 436998
Tel: 6345 9272.
Daily 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 2am

10 thoughts on “Paradise on Earth @ Tanjong Katong”

  • kenny, it’s not stealing dude. 🙂no copyright. it’s copy right away!tigerfish,planning to go to Taiwan to try out all the food man. it looks like a better food paradise than Singapore or Malaysia!

  • Haha wonder if your birthday colleague reads your blog. He will see what he missed – a veritable feast! I love this place. The < HREF="" REL="nofollow">satay soup base<> is quite interesting too. Love the achar, Yangzhou fried rice and freshness of ingredients!

  • AromaCookery,Any reason will do. We have weirder ones. Actually it’s one colleague who can come up with anything and justification for it as well! LOLStreamyKitchen,Come! Take a flight to Singapore 🙂Rachel,we were too full to even ask for the dessert! so we did not find out. haha..Camemberu,He reads it. He said, why we did not take the satay sauce soup base! LOL..Ming,There’s other cheaper ones as well. But people here seems to flock to this one especially at night. So we join in the crowd lah. :-p

  • The service was below par and our order for drinks was forgotten.

    The variety of food was ok only.
    FYI, the fried rice is no longer on the buffet menu.

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