Porridge and Mee Pok

My other sis from UK is visiting and she is missing all the food that she has not eaten for the last two years. Soon Kueh, Gao Teng Kueh, Fruit Rojak, etc… So this morning, we went to a nearby food centre, and she ate a soon kueh and bought a piece of gao teng kueh.

She saw Mee Pok store, and just had to order it.

She said London does not sell Mee Pok. (anyone from London agrees with her? can’t be right?)
She had not drunk soup that has ‘tong chai’ in it for a long time too. That she forgot what the preserved veg is called!

Her other half ate prawn noodles. A bit ‘pai seh’ to take photo of his food. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, I had comfort food. Duck porridge.

The duck’s hidden below and I had a ‘lor neng’ to go with it as well.

It’s kinda impossible to eat so much things is so few days right?

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