.Local Fav: Porridge

Goldleaf New Taiwan Porridge @ Thomson Plaza

There are now so many online deals that allows you to buy coupons and eat at a discounted rate. Some places that’s offering the discount are places that you have not been for a very long time. The wife has been buying coupons of places […]

Last meal of the year…

This is the last bowl of food many of us had for 2008. We were at the Watch Night service in church, and this was served to us for a break at around 10:30 PM. It’s a bowl of porridge with lots of toppings. Shredded […]

Prince Taiwan Porridge @ Upper Bukit Timah

I think I posted this porridge place not too long ago. I went back there again all because a few of us wanted to eat porridge. This is the dinner that we had before we went for supper at OldTown in yesterday’s post. Creature of […]

Prince Taiwan Porridge @ Cheong Chin Nam Road

This was our family dinner on Sunday night. The nights are cool these days and it’s nice to have porridge. I think there are many people who seems to be craving porridge these days too. (You know who you are. ) We went to Prince […]

Porridge and Mee Pok

My other sis from UK is visiting and she is missing all the food that she has not eaten for the last two years. Soon Kueh, Gao Teng Kueh, Fruit Rojak, etc… So this morning, we went to a nearby food centre, and she ate […]