Melting Pot @ Holiday Inn Atrium

For Monday and Tuesday this week, I spent my 9 am to 5 pm at Holiday Inn Atrium attending a course. It is to be 2 days of intensive certification course.

In between all the cramping, we were provided 2 tea breaks and a buffet lunch at the same venue. So, here’s what a few colleagues and I had.

It is a Peranakan Buffet lunch. On the brochure it says that the restaurant’s executive chef actually made a pilgrimage to Malacca to search for he secrets of authentic Nonya Cooking. (In Singapore, it’s spelt Nonya, in Malaysia it is spelt as Nyonya, don’t ask me why, I can only say people in Singapore can’t spell!)

My plate of tiny bits of food. The boiled white chicken.

The delicious big spicy prawns! It was very popular. The tray empties very fast. LOL

They had Pork Satay that was pan fried in the centre island. Pan fried? Ya, like Aussie Barbeques, it is cooked on hot plates. 🙂

The Mee Suah Bak Kut teh. Not my style of BKT. I like the herbal kind.

It must be a long long time since I had porridge with all these condiments! It was just too salty for me! haha… Of course lah! All the preserved stuff. But I finished it anyway. LOL

One of my favourites. I love Babi Ponteh. I am wondering why people don’t call it Khinzir Ponteh? LOL. Babi makes it sound like you are scolding someone. LOL

Err, I dun like this versio of Kueh Pai Tee. I think I prefer the ones from Bukit Timah Food Centre. hehe…

Did not photograph everything. It will be too boring right? I realise that there were lots of old man and old ladies there on Monday. I wonder why? They look peranakan with their dressing. Must be missing their homestyle food.

Anyway, let me end with the fruit I had. Nangka!! or Jackfruit. They are lovely. The old ladies were just piling up on Nangka only, nothing else. I tell you, if you observe what they eat, they are super choosy and choose the expensive stuff!

Burp! After the heavy lunch, everyone was just trying to stay awake for the afternoon session. It was torturing! haha…

Holiday Inn Atrium
317 Outram Road
Singapore 169075

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