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Melting Pot @ Holiday Inn Atrium (Day 2)

It was a two day course, so we had lunch at the same place again. I tried to be clever. I thought since it is the same place, I shall only eat half of the spread yesterday and today I eat the other half. I was so wrong! The next day the menu changed! I was actually looking forward to eat the ‘Red Tulang’ and other stuff. But they were not on the menu!

The duck was not there the first day. So I tried it. Quite yummy, you should know that I seem to like duck nowadays. Actually the roast pumpkin behind the duck is yummier!

No red tulang, but the lamb was cooked in soya today. Regretting not having it on the first day!

Things that were the same was the spicy prawns. The prawns got bigger the next day! 3 of it filled almost the whole plate.

This too remained. You guessed it! I had it again.

The Mee Suah was replaced with Bak Chor Mee the 2nd day. A few of us thought that it tasted very good! The minced pork sauce was very delicious!

I tried the Pulut Hitam. Yesterday it was something else I think, yellowish stuff that I did not bother. LOL. Not too bad. I think its ok, but colleague said it is a tad too liquidy.

Those who like Or Nee took it. I am not a fan of it, this is someone else’s food on the same table. LOL. There were lots of traditional kueh muih (those really multi coloured bright kuehs! eg, Ang Ku Kueh, Gao Teng Kueh, the different puluts with purple, green etc) and biscuits.

Our table shared a fruit rojak. It was hard to imagine lai chee, grapes etc with Hay Kor (Prawn paste) right? But it turn out to be very very tasty! You should try it!

We were wondering how much it was too, since it came with the course fees, we had to dig dig to find out. We found the brochure. $28 per adult (Mon-Fri), $29.50 per adult (Sat, Sun, eve of & on Public Holiday), $18 per child (5-11 years old). Remember to add the taxes in too.

Not bad lah. Our colleagues and I, we were glad we passed and got certified to be ISO9001 auditors. LOL

Holiday Inn Atrium
317 Outram Road
Singapore 169075

6 thoughts on “Melting Pot @ Holiday Inn Atrium (Day 2)”

  • hello, u must have get this question alot of times..but your photos look great! which camera are you using?-yoyo-

  • you have confirmed what we always thoz , when you eat dun think and when thinking never eat ! so not 2molo not day after ! the time is wallop all now ! hahaha but wow very gorgeous lips touching pixs ( screen lah )again naturally

  • camemberu,i have not been buffeting much. but i heard the prices goes up according to oil prices. LOLanony,keelyn replied for me. It’s a T200teambsg,LOL….eat now…keelyn,but some are quite nice lah. i am selective haha.. if that day’s calorie quota not met, i will eat it. mama bok,thanks. things in singapore no longer cheap lah. this might be the cheaper ones liao. others have gone up higher….

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