Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

One colleague was pestering another colleague to ask us all to go try out this new place at Raffles City basement. So when this place got reviewed on Sat’s Business Times and also on Sunday Times, all of us said, OK lah.. Let’s go, let’s go…

So, we packed ourselves into a colleague’s car (like sardines) and head off to Raffles City. Long queue! (realise it is not because there’s lots of people, it’s just service staff explaining things customers how things work here.)

It is the same concept as Marche. (Or another colleague said, it’s Bangkok style food court). They give you this wooden token so that you can ‘reserve’ your place. They also give out this Japanese design RFID card for you to order food.

I had Fried Pork Curry.

Colleague had donburi.

We shared a sashimi sushi.

Another colleague had ebi and mushroom tempura.

with his udon soup.

Remember we like to eat in groups? We get to ‘pinch’ everyone’s food. haha… Don’t you think it is fun like that?

More photos tomorrow.

This place is still quite new, so expect long waits from inexperience staff. These electronic gadgets do hang too. I was ordering dessert and the RFID card reader machine had to be rebooted by the staff, and cards were not detected stuff. Overall, still OK. Give it some time to settle down.

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar,
Raffles City Shopping Centre,

14 thoughts on “Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar @ Raffles City Shopping Centre”

  • Hey I saw this place and nearly wanted to go but wasn’t sure how good the food would be in such a setting – would the “Marche” style be more gimmick than quality? So how was the food? Worth it?

  • Went to Raffles City twice but never thought of trying out the Jap food on the basement :p Hey, is the food at Lao Beijing, Plaza Singapura any good? Would you recommend it? Thinking of having a get together with my friends for dinner there with my Little girl.

  • alicesg,it’s quite interesting to ‘see see’ ๐Ÿ™‚mama bok,each dish around $6-9 dollars on average I think, depending on what is ordered.camemberu,of course if you go to higher end jap place the food is better. but you want to experience something new, you can try it ๐Ÿ™‚only tried a few things, some looks very appetizing, some more taste is needed, others a tad too salty. I think they will be refining it since it is still ninja,Lao Beijing, it has been consistently quite good, for the times we went there. we always eat there by asking them to recommend, so usually it’s the ‘na shou hao chai’ that they recommend ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ya ya! we realise that too. we saw service charge in our receipts and it was a self service restaurant.then the few of us thought, the other two look alike also charge. then we laughed because we did request for some service. we asked for serviettes because we had so many people and they only gave 4. LOL.

  • the food there is average…but the service there is f*** up. the chef at the teppanyaki stall returned me me a ‘oily’ card after i placed my order. apparently he took my card while he is handling the beef with his bare hands! so unhygenic…the best is yet to come…what’s the use of the wooden token that is used to reserve the table when it serve no purpose?? when i returned to my table, my token is gone and replaced by some other people’s token! what the hell…i will never patronise this restaurant again in my life…it sucks!

  • oh Joel, you sound like you had such a horrible experience. you should write in to them. maybe get some compensation. (but consider this is Singapore, hmmm….)

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