Campus Yummy Hunt Winner : Claypot House @ Frontier Canteen, NUS

On a Channel U Food Show last nite (Campus Yummy Hunt), it featured 3 best food to try in NUS (Part 1). One of it is this Claypot House at Frontier Canteen. (Frontier is a fancy name that was given to the Science Canteen some years ago)

So for lunch today, colleagues and I decided to just literally walked across the road give the uncle and aunty some ‘support support’. We told the aunty, we want what was on TV last nite, she just gave a huge huge grin.

So, here’s the stall.

The awards they have been bestowed over the years and proudly displayed. The Channel U award being the latest.

Well, on the TV show, it did not show the egg. But for the many of us who have eaten this for years, you must ask for ‘jia dan’ (add extra egg). If you just eat their eggs, rice and the delicious chilli, you can be satisfied. haha…

This is the Beef Claypot.

The Tofu Claypot.

This is the Chicken Claypot that appeared on TV. This made them the winner.

Food prices that is catered for staff and students of NUS, each claypot with rice cost $2.60.
We had extra egg, so each cost $2.90

Maybe the next few days, people from NUS, NUH, ITE Dover and Science Parks Shuttlers will be coming over for the delicious and cheap lunch!

5 thoughts on “Campus Yummy Hunt Winner : Claypot House @ Frontier Canteen, NUS”

  • somehow i dun really like their chicken claypot, coz i find their chicken abit too dry. they deep fried the chicken and then heat it with the veggie and stuff!! why? except for tat, the rest i tink are not bad, especially the tofu. been dying to try their pork trotters, but when i wan to eat, always sold out one.

  • The tofu and chicken one really looks yummy! And so so so cheap 🙂 Too bad, NUS is not near my work place, not enough time to go, eat and be back on time, haha.

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