Cafe Cartel @ IMM

Last Sunday night, Momo, sis and I, we went to IMM to eat and buy some ingredients. Colleagues are coming the next day to eat my homemade ice cream. It’s still in experimental stage and they don’t care. They are willing to be guinea pigs. I made banana, honey and ferrero rocher ice cream.

Anyway, back to dinner photos, we had food at Cafe Cartel. It has been a long time since we stepped into one, because the queue is always so long. There was a queue, however when we wanted a table for 3, it was readily available! woo hoo!

I had the St Louis Pork Ribs. I seem to always have this when I step in here.

Sis had the Chicken Chef’s Salad.

Momo had the Hawaiian Pork Chop.

They were all delicious. We think the Hawaiian Pork Chop wins!

Want to know what they serve? It’s all at their website if you have the time.

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