Mooncakes from : Tung Lok & Meritus Mandarin

At our workplace, we get freebies from our hardware and software vendors. Of course, when we get them, we got to declare them with management first, in case we are accuse of favouring certain companies in our future tenders. haha…

Showing here today, two boxes of mooncakes.

This is Tung Luk’s mooncakes. Yes, it has all the radio DJ faces from the local radio station. Our boss insist this box taste the best. We wonder why? haha…

Here’s the inside. Individually packed.

This one is from Meritus Mandarin. The rest of us, all think this one from Meritus taste the best from all the diff one we received.

By just looking at the pastry texture you can tell right?

Do you like to eat mooncakes? You like these traditional baked ones, or do you like those ‘snow skin’ ones?

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