Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant @ Joo Chiat Place

Every month, we have a group of friends that meet up every month to eat and celebrate each others birthday. (I think this sounds like a broken record). Anyway, this month, we had 3 person’s birthday. We were wondering where to go, at first we wanted to go to Astons Prime, but in the end, the group ended up having Peranakan Food instead.

Someone said that they had eaten at someone’s baby’s first month celebration that had food catered from Chilli Padi. OK lor, we try this place.

As usual, letting the photos tell you the story. Food photographed as it appears on our table. Photos in the order of the food that arrived first.

Achar, we all liked it. On the table when I arrived… I was late by a few minutes, got lost in Joo Chiat! haha…

The Curry Assam Fish Head was first to arrive. Looks so pedas and tasty right?

Next comes the Nonya Chap Chye.

This is the Ngoh Hiang.

Ayam Buah Keluak, some people just love the buah. Not for everyone though. haha

Otah Otah, gua suka makan otah!

Sambal Sotong. No, eating sotong won’t make you sotong one….

Hee Pioh Soup, Fish Maw Soup that was served in individual bowls for all of us. 13 bowls..

This is babi madu. Honey Pork. This was wallop up so fast!

More to come tomorrow…

If you are confused at times, in Singapore they call it Nonya food, but in Malaysia it is called Nyonya food. Why? I also tak tahu!

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