Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Holland Village

Few nites ago, sis asked if I wanted to join her colleagues and her for dinner. I guess you know the answer, or else these pictures would not be here! haha..

They were going to have dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Holland V.
Sis has a colleague who does not eat meat, so these dishes are mostly meatless.

I arrived later and food was already ordered, so I don’t know the name of these dishes ๐Ÿ™‚

This is tofu skin with mushroom and veg. I think this taste very good!

Mapo Tofu…

This one was on my plate, with the sauce on….

Kung Bao Chicken. (This has meat, obviously! doosh KM! Km shouts: ouch!)

This is the Veg with 3 diff eggs dish. We always enjoy eating this…

Do you like eating vegetables? Just wondering…

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