Lao Beijing @ Plaza Singapura

Last Friday nite, a group of friends met to watch Transformers. The show’s at 8.20 pm. The rest could not meet up earlier for dinner, so only 3 persons could. Two of us arrived earlier, and proceeded to order some food at Lao Beijing.

We ordered portions for 3 persons, but the 3rd person got stuck in traffic and could not make it till much much later, no problem, the 2 of us just finished up everything, we were too hungry anyway. *glutton look*

Here’s what we ate.

2 starter dishes:
Sliced White Pork with lotsa garlic. I loveeeee this!

Cucumber pickles.

Well, the main dishes. Another type of cucumber: Sea Cucumber.

Then another claypot dish. Egg plant with mince meat.

Also Dou Miao with Chicken mousse.

It was a hearty meal, and then it was off to Transformers.
Those who did not join us for the meal, next time lah.. 🙂

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